Darren Hayes' cover of Dress You Up

Singer and long-time Madonna fan Darren Hayes performed a version of Madonna's Dress You Up during his concert on New Years Eve - here is what Darren told madonnalicious about the performance:

I did this as a special treat on New Years Eve. I told the audience, and it's true, that seeing M doing this on a VHS copy of 'The Virgin Tour' when I was a kid made me want to be a performer. Twenty years later I performed it for my own audience and it felt just as good!

'You've done a good job on the wife'

UK TV comedian Harry Enfield was interviewed on This Morning recently and spoke about work on his TV show Ruddy Hell it's Harry and Paul - on which he has done sketches about The Ritchies.
Harry recently went into a gym in London and met Guy Ritchie. Guy asked him 'Are you making a new series?', Harry replied 'Yes', to which Guy said 'Am I in it again?'....'Errrr'.... Guy's last words to Harry were, You've done a good job on the wife though!

You can view one of Harry and Paul's Guy and Madonna sketches here: