Madonna and Justin Get Smart

Madonna and Justin Timberlake are making a Smart move together.
A source tells me the duo’s debut collaboration, '4 Minutes to Save the World,' will be featured in the upcoming movie adaptation of Get Smart.
Nothing official yet, but my source says movie executives are trying to persuade Madonna and Justin to shoot a music video specifically tailored for the movie. They've already shot a video for the single, which is scheduled for a March 29 release.

From E! Online - thanks to Caesar

Darren Hayes' cover of Dress You Up

Singer and long-time Madonna fan Darren Hayes performed a version of Madonna's Dress You Up during his concert on New Years Eve - here is what Darren told madonnalicious about the performance:

I did this as a special treat on New Years Eve. I told the audience, and it's true, that seeing M doing this on a VHS copy of 'The Virgin Tour' when I was a kid made me want to be a performer. Twenty years later I performed it for my own audience and it felt just as good!

'You've done a good job on the wife'

UK TV comedian Harry Enfield was interviewed on This Morning recently and spoke about work on his TV show Ruddy Hell it's Harry and Paul - on which he has done sketches about The Ritchies.
Harry recently went into a gym in London and met Guy Ritchie. Guy asked him 'Are you making a new series?', Harry replied 'Yes', to which Guy said 'Am I in it again?'....'Errrr'.... Guy's last words to Harry were, You've done a good job on the wife though!

You can view one of Harry and Paul's Guy and Madonna sketches here: