Truth Or Dare By Madonna

Madonna to launch 'Truth or Dare Naked'

Madonna will launch Truth or Dare by Madonna Naked, a new fragrance for women, in December. Truth or Dare Naked is a flanker to her debut fragrance, Truth or Dare, and was developed by the same perfumer, Stephen Nilsen.

Truth or Dare by Madonna Naked is a provocative and sexy scent that reveals Madonna’s sensual inner qualities. Blending a sense of richness and flirty femininity, the fragrance is playful yet confident. A bold combination of creamy woodiness is paired with addictive vanilla nuances and sparkling florals for a scent that is immediately captivating.

Truth or Dare Naked is a woody floral; notes include honeysuckle, peach blossom, neroli, vanilla orchid, cocoa flower, lily of the valley, cedar, benzoin, oud accord and sandalwood.

Truth or Dare by Madonna Naked will be available in 50 and 75 ml Eau de Parfum.

From Coty Inc. Press Release

Madonna celebrates 'thrilling' shoe success

Madonna's pop-up shoe boutique in Selfridges has proved an unprecedented success with shoppers - becoming more popular than the temporary retail spaces of Aldo Rise, United Nude, Swedish Hasbeens and Marc by Marc Jacobs pumps.
'It's been thrilling to see our customers' response to this project - the Truth Or Dare collection has proven to be our most commercially successful footwear pop-up this year so far,' shoes buying manager Helen Attwood. 'It's one of the most successful celebrity endorsements we've ever worked on.'
Selfridges launched the Truth Or Dare collection just over a week ago, with some styles already selling out. The range, which comes in a monochrome colour palette, features all from flat brogues to towering platforms and stiletto boots.
'We have already had to re-order on almost half the styles we carry,' added Attwood. 'Bestselling styles have been the Panu studded court shoe and the Cedia brogue in black.'


Below are the Cedia studded brogues - madonnalicious can't stop looking at them!

Selfridges Exclusively Launches Truth Or Dare Shoe Collection

Madonna launches her new Truth or Dare shoe collection exclusively at Selfridges.

Coming soon to Selfridges, the collection of brogues, heels and boots was created to showcase the dichotomy that is Madonna: both powerful icon, and feminine beauty.

Helen Attwood, Selfridges’ Buying Manager for Shoes, comments: 'We’re thrilled to launch this collection before anywhere else in the world - the line offers the perfect mix of style, diversity and of course, Madonna's stardust!'

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'Truth or Dare' in London Debenhams

The Oxford Street Debenhams store has gone all out to advertise Madonna's 'Truth or Dare' perfume - from signs outside and a large window display to huge banners that fill the entire height of the central atrium in the store.

Customers who purchase a 50ml perfume (or larger version) can get a free 'Truth or Dare' promotional tshirt too (while stocks last)!

Madonna's perfumer talks about the process

'Madonna has no patience for stupid people,' said expert perfumer Stephen Nilsen, at the recent London launch of the popstar's debut perfume. But as the veteran 'nose' discovered, she doesn't make it all that easy on the clever ones, either.
The creator of fragrances for Sarah Jessica Parker, Tom Ford and Tommy Hilfiger, Nilsen is comfortable working with the biggest names in the industry. But even he was thrown by Madonna's chilly demeanour on their first meetings to produce her perfume Truth or Dare, during which she refused to remove her sunglasses. 'It was a little intimidating,' he admitted. And that was when he was granted an audience. More often than not in those first months of development, Nilsen was left in the dark about the actual direction Madonna intended for her perfume.
'She told me she wanted white florals, and she loved the 'addiction' accord I created,' - a blend of vanilla, caramel and amber. But it was hard to schedule face time with the busy performer, essential when trying to peg a client's tastes and establish a common vocabulary. Instead, Nilsen found himself scurrying back and forth between his Manhattan lab and Madonna's £20m Upper East Side compound every time he made a revision.
'I'd throw each new sample over her 8ft-high black steel wall,' he joked. Fortunately, his pitching arm was saved: 'Security always magically appeared behind me when I would ring the bell, as if they knew I was coming.'
'She needed the latest versions delivered by 2pm on a Friday afternoon so she could evaluate them over the weekend at her horse farm in the Hamptons.'
Her Madgesty's notes would then filter back – broad critiques such as 'too sweet', which given the vast palette of a perfumer, could mean any number of things. It turned into a game of pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey as the perfumer struggled to second-guess the source of Madonna's displeasure, blending endless modifications in order to secure her approval. 'Once we started working together in person, it became much easier,' he recalled with evident relief.

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Madonna sets sights on men’s cologne

Her eagerly anticipated debut signature perfume hit US department store Macy’s last week, and Madonna already has plans for an accompanying fragrance and men’s cologne smelling of a 'good old whiskey.'
Following in the footsteps of pop stars such as Christina Aguilera and Beyoncé Knowles who have built up prolific fragrance lines, the songstress says her second perfume should be due out 'sometime next year,' although details remain limited.
In an interview with WWD published April 16, Madonna added that men’s fragrance is an avenue worth exploring, an idea that has been inspired by her teenage daughter Lourdes.
'I think it would be good to do a men’s fragrance, as well,' said the singer.
'My daughter thinks so. She wants to wear it. She likes to wear men’s cologne - don’t ask me why.'
While work has not yet begun on the possible project, Madonna revealed the powerful aroma of hard liquor appeals.
'I love musk and amber and woody kind of fragrances on men. I love the smell of whiskey - we should make a men’s cologne that smells like whiskey. I can’t drink it, it’s too strong, but it smells amazing - a really good old whiskey,' she mused.

From AFP Relax News

Frank's 'dare' to tattoo came true!

The Macy's letter may have said 'no memorabilia is allowed' but they couldn't stop you bringing your arm along as Frank 'dared' to find out!

madonnalicious reader Michele attended the 'Truth or Dare' launch event with her friend Frank Orlik who was lucky enough to have his question asked. Frank dared Madonna to sign his arm, so he could get a tattoo. And she did as these pictures show below! The friends all went immediately afterwards to get the tattoo inked!

Madonna Debuts New Fragrance, Dishes On Upcoming Tour

Add 'perfumer' to Madonna's long list of accomplishments.
The Material Girl debuted her first signature scent - appropriately dubbed Truth or Dare - in New York on Thursday and explained to Access Hollywood why she's waited so long to bless her fans with a fragrance.
'I could never find a way to create the scent that I wanted - that's really the bottom line,' she told Access. 'I was approached by lots of different people and fragrance companies, but every time I tried to create something, it was never good enough and I just thought, 'Well, if it's not going to be something I wear every day myself, then I don't want to put it out.''
The fragrance holds sentimental value for the 'Girl Gone Wild' singer, as she incorporated her late mother's favorite notes into the perfume.
'My favorite flowers are gardenia and tuberose and they're pretty heavy floral smells, so I wanted to make sure that was an important part of the fragrance,' she said. 'My mother wore Fracas, which is kind of the same thing...Gardenia is the primary ingredient in it, so, I wanted to create something similar to that.'
In addition to launching Truth or Dare, Madge is preparing for her upcoming MDNA tour, which she described as 'an extravaganza.'
'[The show will be] a longer version of the Super Bowl, minus all the gladiators,' she added.
The superstar also dished on her recent Twitter flirtations with longtime pal Britney Spears, where she challenged the 'Till The World Ends' singer to 'come on stage and kiss me again' (referencing the pair's famous lip-lock at the 2003 MTV VMAs).
'It wasn't that much of a back and forth, two or three exchanges,' Madonna said of her Tweets with Britney. 'I got tired, I had to go to sleep. She took too long to answer me!'
As for whether she'd like to see Britney as an 'X Factor' judge, Madonna said she doesn't know, as she's 'never watched 'The X Factor.''
'I'm the one person who hasn't watched any of [those show],' she told Access. 'I don't watch TV.'

From Access Hollywood Via Yahoo! News

Madonna launches Truth Or Dare

Madonna has launched her new fragrance, Truth Or Dare, in New York.
The Queen of Pop - who unveiled the scent at Macy's - said she had 'been trying to develop a fragrance for probably the last 15 years'.
'It's never worked out with various companies and different people and trying different fragrances,' she said. 'They never turned out the way I wanted them to smell.'
But Madonna said that was partially due to her expensive taste.
'It's the mass producing part that always gets tricky, because for some reason the fragrances that I like tend to be really expensive,' the singer said.
'One time I created a smell and I was told the amber, it was like a million dollars to ship from India or something. ...And then they tried to make (a) synthetic (version). This happens a lot and it never smells as good as you want it to smell. That's happened a couple times.'
'Finally I got a smell I like that I can mass produce. Yay!'
Truth Or Dare costs from £24.50 to £43.

From Press Association via Yahoo! News

'Truth or Dare by Madonna' Launch Night

madonnalicious reader Michele sent in these pictures from Macy's Herald Square as they set up the store ahead of the 'Truth or dare by Madonna' launch tonight.

Also pictured is the VIP All Access package that customers bought for $151 - which includes access to the launch party tonight.

The Limited Edition Gift package is available to buy online and includes a collector's edition t-shirt, deluxe version of Madonna's new album, MDNA, and Truth or Dare documentary on blu-ray disc - visit for more information.

Meet Madonna at Macy's!

As madonnalicious exclusively revealed last month - Madonna will be making an appearance at Macy's to promote 'Truth or Dare by Madonna':

Don’t miss your chance to chill with the original Material Girl – Madonna – at Macy’s Herald Square this Thursday, April 12 at 7:30pm!

She’ll be on site to celebrate the launch of her first fragrance – Truth or Dare, a gorgeous floral scent that’s sold only at Macy’s! Be one of the first customers to snag the All Access Truth or Dare fragrance package* (beginning at store opening, Wednesday April 11) and you’ll score a VIP pass to the event. See you there!

The $151 All Access Truth or Dare package includes a 2.5 fl oz eau de parfum spray, 1.7 fl oz eau de parfum spray, 6.7 fl oz body lotion, collectors edition t-shirt, deluxe version of Madonnas new album, MDNA, and Truth or Dare documentary on blu-ray disc.

Too scent-sitive for ABC

Madonna’s cleavage is just too much for Disney-owned ABC. The network says Madonna’s ads for her Truth or Dare perfume are too racy to run and have insisted that shots of her breasts and behind be covered up.
ABC execs ordered producers of the perfume ad to digitally alter offending shots of her body in the 30-second black-and-white ad, which leaked on the Internet and shows her cavorting in a low-cut corset and fishnet stockings, wearing a cross and singing over a dance beat, 'I’m a bad girl.'
A source told us: 'ABC viewed the ad [and] came back with a list of changes. They say they want her bra digitally made bigger, and to extend higher to cover more of her chest, and her corset longer to cover more of her bottom. ABC also wants to cut another suggestive scene where Madonna writhes around.'
Ironically, Madonna’s team wanted the ads to run during the shows 'GCB' and 'Scandal.' But even once the requested changes are made, ABC brass think Madonna’s sexy black-and-white ad can only run after 9 p.m. - oddly with the exception of daytime show 'The View' (perhaps because its viewers are unshockable).
Page Six earlier reported that Madonna’s video for her new song, 'Girl Gone Wild,' had to be re-edited after YouTube banned it from open view and slapped it with an '18 years and over' rating because of racy content. A second source confirmed to us, 'ABC has requested some changes be made to the content of the Truth or Dare perfume commercial.'

From New York Post

Madonna bringing ‘provocateur quality' to shoe line

As her debut perfume launch approaches, Madonna has announced expansion into the realm of footwear with a series of dance-inspired styles to launch for Fall 2012.
The shoe line comes under the singer's new Truth or Dare label, and will be produced by Canada-headquartered firm Aldo Group Inc.
With prices set from $89 to $349, the initial range comprises over 60 styles, including flats, heels and booties. Dance influences come in the form of studs and cap-toe details. While the pop star's stylist Arianne Phillips is creative consultant, Madonna has had a key input on the line.
'Her fingers are really on this brand,' Phillips told Footwear News. 'The first thing I did was remind her of all the shoes she wore over the years, and we took the styles that we can't live without. You can always depend on her to bring her style and provocateur quality, but she also has a very feminine perspective.'
Retailers supporting the footwear launch include US department stores Nordstrom and Macy's, Canada's The Bay and the UK's Selfridges, as well as website The brand is expected to expand into European countries including France and Spain for 2013.
The expansion won't end there either, as Madonna looks set to follow in the footsteps of pop stars-turned-fashion moguls such as Jessica Simpson who has her own lifestyle brand with over 20 product categories.
In addition to shoes, the Truth or Dare brand will venture into intimates later this year and there are discussions regarding legwear and additional accessories for 2013. The label is aimed at 27- to 50-year-old women, compared to the Material Girl clothing line Madonna launched in 2010 in collaboration with her teenage daughter Lourdes, targeting younger consumers.

From AFP Relax News Via Yahoo! News

Photo by Thomas Iannaccone / MG Icon

What Does Truth Or Dare By Madonna Smell Like?

When she's not making 'wild' music videos, singing while being flanked by Givenchy Super Bowl gladiators, directing costume-heavy dramas, signing Chanel boots for Lourdes' high school fundraiser, or sitting atop her Queen of Pop Music throne, Madonna is concocting fragrances, namely one entitled Truth or Dare by Madonna. You might recall our previous delight when hearing that this perfume was going to smell like a narcotic flower. 'What does that smell like?' we wondered while conjuring images of narcoleptic Venus Flytraps.
Well, we finally have our answer! Truth or Dare not only debuted a new ad, it arrived on our MTV Style doorstep to sample. Thus, we asked various peeps around our office what they thought it smelled like and what kind of woman it brought to mind.

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Photo: Courtesy of Coty Prestige

Madonna's fragrance 'Truth or Dare' is launched

Celebrity fragrances are always a hot topic in the beauty industry. Over the past five years the market has been flooded with a vast quantity of olfactory offerings from the world’s biggest models, musicians and film stars. The result? Gentle murmurings by certain cynical types that there had been a marked turn from quality to quantity with of course lots of money making thrown in for good measure. Whether or not you agree, it was certainly true that these scents were being bought largely by fans of the star in question with much lesser general appeal.
Now however, we think things are set to change in the celebrity scent market and Mark Tranter, Fragrance and beauty buyer at Selfridges agrees. 'Celebrity fragrance is most definitely set for a resurgence - the market seems to have had a thorough clean up and the calibre of the fragrances has been raised significantly', he explains. 'The new generation of celebrity fragrance seem to have very specific launch strategies, with strong marketing campaigns and a focus on the scent itself rather than just the celebrity.' All very interesting...Right?
This morning's launch of Madonna’s much awaited 'Truth or Dare' fragrance suggested that this change is certainly a real one. Givauden perfumer Stephen Nilsen, who worked with Madonna on the creation of the scent, told us that he was truly amazed by the superstar’s talent and fascination when it came to fragrance. 'She has a remarkable ability to pick out perfume notes, even subtle ones like moss, she understood explicitly how they worked together and knew exactly what she wanted for her final product.'
Indeed, throughout last summer while her royal Madge-ness was residing in Manhatten, Stephen found himself regularly hopping in taxis and hand delivering working samples of the scent (it took 200 attempts to reach the final version), to her New York compound (yes we really did say compound), by hand. Plus the final bottle design was directly inspired by a tiny silver case that Madonna used to carry her fragrance tester vials while they were working on its production. Genius!
Most importantly perhaps, the finished scent is really quite delightful - achieving a unique and modern blend by juxtaposing innocent girly florals and heady, sexy vanilla and caramelized amber notes.

In the UK, Truth of Dare, from £25 will be available exclusively at Selfridges from 18th April and nationwide from May 2012.

From Grazia Daily

Madonna’s Truth or Dare fragrance ad revealed!

We all know that Christmas is a time for giving, and with that in mind, we have kindly been given the gift of a sneak peek at Madonna’s first advert for her debut fragrance, Truth or Dare.
It’s sultry, sassy and savvy, (try saying that after a few glasses of mulled mine) and everything we would expect from one of the most influential women of our generation.
Even though the image wasn’t shot exclusively for the perfume and was in fact from the Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott photo-shoot Madonna did for Interview magazine earlier this year, we think it fits the essence of the perfume perfectly.
Two photographic geniuses and a queen of pop really is a winning combination.
Apparently there are more pictures where this one came from, so we’ll keep you posted when they reveal themselves!


Coty Inc. Announces Agreement With Madonna's MG Icon

Coty Prestige, a division of Coty Inc., announced today that it signed an agreement with MG Icon LLC, a joint venture between Madonna, Guy Oseary, and Iconix Brand Group, Inc., to launch the icon's first fragrance. The fragrance, Truth or Dare by Madonna, will debut exclusively at Macy's in April 2012 in the United States, with global distribution beginning in May.
The agreement with Coty marks the first time Madonna, the top selling female recording artist of all time, with more than 300 million records sold worldwide, will launch a fragrance.
Madonna stated to Women's Wear Daily, 'I have always been obsessed by fragrance and for years wanted to create something personal that was an expression of me but that other people could relate to as well. Something honest, and yet daring, hence the name Truth or Dare.'
'Madonna is the marquis addition to Coty's unrivaled brand portfolio and further establishes us as cutting edge leaders in the global beauty industry,' Bernd Beetz, CEO, Coty Inc said. 'We are thrilled to embark on this new venture with Madonna, a global icon with unprecedented star power and cultural relevance.'
Madonna will be featured in a global print, television, and online marketing campaign produced in collaboration with Fabien Baron of Baron & Baron who she has worked with on many projects including 'Sex,' her renowned 1992 pictorial essay on sexuality.
'Madonna is an artistic phenomenon whose vision has helped define the cultural zeitgeist for nearly three decades. Her fans around the world have an unparalleled devotion and will be eager to experience a unique, and more personal, materialization of her talent,' Michele Scannavini, President, Coty Prestige said.
Truth or Dare by Madonna will be a signature floral fragrance. Its unique blend of narcotic florals, balanced with addictive woods and vanilla, creates a scent that is timeless, yet contemporary, simultaneously dark and light. The bottle plays up the Truth or Dare duality - a classic and sophisticated shape, with modern and edgy detailing.
The scent will be available in a 75ml EDP ( $68 / euro 62), 50ml EDP ( $55 / euro 46), 30ml EDP ( $39 / euro 35), Body Lotion ( $28 / euro 22), and Shower Gel ( $24 / euro 21).
'Madonna is a globally recognized music and style pioneer. The debut of her first fragrance is a dynamic platform to launch her lifestyle brand, Truth or Dare by Madonna,' commented Neil Cole , CEO, Iconix Brand Group. 'Coty is a respected leader in the prestige fragrance industry. Their expertise coupled with Madonna's iconic status is a powerful partnership.'

From Yahoo! Finance / Picture courtesy of Coty Inc. / MG Icon

'Truth or Dare by Madonna' Brand Announced

MG Icon announced the launch of the 'Truth or Dare by Madonna' brand. 'Truth or Dare by Madonna' will be a global lifestyle brand. The brand will initially launch with footwear, handbags, intimates, accessories and fragrance. MG Icon will exclusively partner with Macy's for the initial launch in 2012 while launching simultaneously worldwide. In 2013, the brand will be widely distributed at leading department stores in the United States.
Madonna stated, 'Over the past several decades, I have been approached countless times to create my own brand. The timing is right and I have found great partners in Iconix who can help translate my vision to reality.'