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Guy Ritchie: Madonna changed my life

Director Guy Ritchie is convinced his relationship with Madonna completely changed his life - because it catapulted him into the public eye.
The moviemaker was relatively unknown when he began dating the superstar in 1998, shortly after the release of his first full-length film, Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels.
And Ritchie admits that he was only just starting to adjust to life as a celebrity when he embarked on his new relationship - and was unprepared for the level of attention that dating Madonna brought with it.
He says, 'I'd been with (Madonna) for two years before (we got married). That changed my life more than anything in my career because she is hugely famous. It has an enormous impact on the life of whoever she is with. Enormous. An unimaginable impact.'
'I had just had a hit movie, and then this other thing came along that completely trumped it.'


All the details on Guy Ritchie's candlelit 40th party

UK newspaper the Daily Mirror published a report about what it was like inside Guy's 40th birthday party at The Punchbowl in London:

He's used to downing pints with dodgy geezers in spit 'n' sawdust boozers, but it was all lovely candles and posh wine for Guy Ritchie's 40th birthday bash.
Any guests expecting a rough and ready night at the dogs or a jellied eel blow-out on the Essex coast were bitterly disappointed.
It may have been held in a pub, but Madonna made sure her RocknRolla husband's party was a soft, feminine affair.
Well, she and Guy do own the place, so it's not like they had to bribe the landlord. She transformed the Punchbowl in Mayfair for the exclusive party this week - and we even sneaked in for a bit.

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'Yes, I love Madonna!' declares Guy

Guy Ritchie didn't have Madonna on his arm at the 'RocknRolla' after-party Thursday night but he made one thing explicitly clear: they're still very much together and very much in love.
'Yes, I love Madonna!' Ritchie declared in a let-me-spell-this-out-for-you moment as he raised both his index fingers in the air.
The 39-year-old writer-director, dogged by rumours that he and Madge have called it quits, seemed rather relaxed as he posed for photographers and chatted with reporters on the red carpet.
Maybe it's because Ritchie didn't have to wait an hour for his tardy wife like at the London premiere - when Madge rushed back from her tour to meet him.
Or maybe it's because the director's new gangster flick is getting some pretty decent reviews.
Either way, Ritchie knows he's back and he had the swagger to prove it.


Mr Ritchie talks to

All's well with the marriage of Guy Ritchie and Madonna, the film director tells PEOPLE - 'as far as I'm aware of,' he added with a smile.
A relaxed and cheerful Ritchie, 39, joined the cast of his upcoming directorial effort RocknRolla on Thursday afternoon at the San Diego International Comic-Con. Joined by his film's costars Gerard Butler, Jeremy Piven and Chris 'Ludacris' Bridges to show scenes and sign autographs, Ritchie also spoke about how being married to the pop icon - whom he referenced only as 'my wife' - had allowed him to look at his hometown of London with fresh eyes.
'I was born there and I've seen it change and I know a great deal about it, I'm invested,' the director said. 'I live vicariously through my wife, so I was once a spy and now I've become a tourist, and it's much more fun to live in London as a tourist than it is as a spy'. He further observed, 'Someone told me the definition was a spy always looks for the bad stuff, and a tourist always looks for the good stuff. So that makes it easy, being married to an American.'
After spending time with Madonna, 49, in New York City - where the two faced intense speculation about the status of their marriage and she is rehearsing for her upcoming Sticky & Sweet tour - Ritchie headed to Los Angeles. There, he attended Kabbalah services and dined with Robert Downey Jr., who's set to star as Sherlock Holmes in a movie Ritchie will direct.


Thandie Newton: The Ritchies Are Having Fun

At a screening of her new movie, Run Fat Boy Run, British beauty Thandie Newton was gushing about working with former Friend turned director David Schwimmer. But everyone really wanted to know what's going down with Madonna and her director hubby Guy Ritchie.
Thandie recently worked with Guy on the flick Rock and Roller. And she said, 'They’re having a good time, as far as I know! I went to their house in the country - it’s lovely. It’s all good! I just saw them the other day - they’re having a great time.'
She continued, 'Oh, he’s lovely! He’s a lovely, lovely, lovely man! Awesome - he’s just like - sort of perfect!'
Meanwhile, Thandie knows a thing or two about making a marriage work. She's been married to her writer husband, Ol Parker, for nearly a decade and the two have two kids together. 'He’s essential! They adore him. We love each other a lot and love being together. The key thing is that my kids don’t go to bed until 10 every night. From 7 at night until 10 – that’s when it rocks out in our house!' It’s terrible because they’re knackered.'

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Dinner at Locanda Locatelli

madonnalicious reader Shah sent in this report from London last night:

Madonna and Guy had dinner last night at Locanda Locatelli. They arrived for 9:00pm but their table was prepared 10 minutes before they arrived - the wine decanted and ready.
Madonna wore a black georgette dress and her fur coat. She looked exhausted - no make up. She still looked stunning though!

Guy Ritchie: What can you do? She's Madonna

Director Guy Ritchie seems comfortable in his own skin as he sits in a pricey hotel suite in Beverly Hills, full of boyish enthusiasm about his latest film 'Revolver,' which debuts in U.S. cities on Friday.
He has been married to Madonna, one of the world's leading pop singers and trendsetters, for over two decades, but Ritchie, wearing a nondescript blue shirt and dark pants, seems unimpressed by designer labels.
In an accent that still sounds more working-class London than elite private school he talked about life at home with an icon and 'Revolver,' an existential gangster tale starring Jason Statham and Ray Liotta:

Q: So, how's married life these days?
A: 'I enjoy it enormously. Wish I'd done it sooner.'
Q: Many people said it would never last, so what's the secret to a happy showbiz marriage?
A: 'Pretty much ignore all the stuff they say and write about you.'
Q: But Madonna just signed this huge deal reportedly worth $120 million over 10 years with concert company Live Nation. Do you ever feel your career gets overshadowed by hers?
A: 'Don't know what you mean! She's got her career and I've got mine. What can you do? She's Madonna.'
Q: The critics were pretty unkind when you remade 'Swept Away' with her.
A: 'Were they? I thought our remake was fine It's a funny thing, as once we made the movie, I went, 'Oh yeah, that's the movie we wanted to make.' It wasn't supposed to be a big deal. It was just supposed to be a pleasant remake. And she was good in it. That's what I couldn't understand, because she was conspicuously good in it. But what can you do?'
Q: So would you work with Madonna again?
A: 'I don't know. We don't want to stick our chins out again.'
Q: Then, who's in charge at home?
A: 'I've got to tell you, we're just like any other married couple.'
Q: So she's in charge?
A: 'Yes!'
Q: Any plans to adopt more kids?
A: 'Listen, you've got to speak to the boss about that.'

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Guy: Madonna knows best

British director Guy Ritchie is happy to let his wife Madonna give him career advice - because she always knows best.
The 39-year-old filmmaker has re-edited his 2005 movie Revolver after reviews in the U.K. criticised it as overly long and complicated. And Ritchie insists the singer - whom he married in 2000 - knew exactly how to improve the film.
He tells New York Daily News, 'We made it shorter and tried to make it simpler. Funnily enough, we took out the bits that my wife recommended we take out the first time she saw it.' Revolver was released in the U.K. in 2005 and the new edited version of the movie - which stars Jason Statham and Ray Liotta - can be seen in the U.S. from 7 December.


Madonna and Guy's 'date night'

Madonna and husband Guy Ritchie heated up with New York night at the premiere of his crime drama 'Revolver,' and 'Extra' was along for their big date.
'We haven't been away from the kids in a while,' Guy confessed to 'Extra.'
Added Madonna, 'Yeah, so it’s a date.'
Madonna joined Guy for his big premiere, but when Guy tried to explain the title, Madonna had a little fun with him.
'It’s the revolving door – of your ego!' she joked. 'Sorry, I’ll shut up now.'
Glammed out in Dolce & Gabbana, Madonna also revealed she and Guy might expand their family of five.
'Maybe,' she said. 'You never know.'
Meanwhile, Mrs. Ritchie is bugging her husband to make a family movie for once. Guy has made action-packed thrillers 'Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels' and 'Snatch.'
'My kids really want to go to one of his movies,' she said, turning to Guy. 'Can you hurry up please? Rocco complained that you don't make movies that kids can watch!'
But Madonna loves 'Revolver,' which hits theaters Friday, and even visited Guy on set.
'I did. He doesn’t invite me very often, you know why? Because during the lunch hour they always wrestle!' she said. 'It’s a gentleman’s club, the set of Guy’s movies.'
Madge also filled 'Extra' in on her holiday plans.
'We’re going far, far away,' she winked. 'It’s the only hint I’m giving you.'

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Q&A With The Ritchies

When Madonna and Guy Ritchie walk down a red carpet, there’s almost nothing people don’t ask.
What did she first notice about Guy?
'I found him very sexy because he looked like he’d just gotten into a fist fight.'
What has she taught him about fashion?
'Not to wear the same dresses as her,' deadpanned her husband.
What books have they been reading?
'The Year of Magical Thinking,' by Joan Didion,' said the wife.
What’s their son David doing now?
'Eating,' said the husband.
Is marriage difficult?
'It’s a juggling act. A true juggling act' she said.
Hillary or Obama?
'Hillary,' said his wife.
'Because I’ve gotta support the girls,' she said. 'And because I’m a big fan of the Clintons.'

At a certain point, the questions seemed mainly to be hitting Madonna, even if it was the U.S. premiere of his movie, 'Revolver.'
Had she watched lots of gangster movies before she shacked up with the man who’s sometimes been described as the British version of Quentin Tarantino?
'Well, I worship 'The Godfather' Pt. I and II,' she said. 'And we watched a lot of gangster movies together. But none were as good as his.'
After the Cinema Society and Piaget’s screening of the film at the Tribeca Grand, guests like Sarah Jessica Parker, Steven Klein, Ingrid Casares, Alex Rodriguez and Donna Karan headed out to The Gramercy Park Hotel, where the party went 'til around midnight.

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