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Happy New Year!

madonnalicious wishes our readers a Happy New Year for 2014.

I think we can say that 2013 was the year Madonna discovered Instagram and shared some behind-the-scenes moments and her #artforfreedom comments.

I wonder what 2014 will hold for Madonna and her fans?!

Site News: Gallery

Just an update on the madonnalicious server. It is back online after the hacking but I have the slow process of uploading all the gallery pictures again...and it is taking ages! Everything up to 2010 is back online, the rest will be back online over the next few days. Thanks for your patience!

Site News: If we took a 'Holiday'...

madonnalicious will be taking a short break offline this week. As you may (or may not) know this site is run by just one person and unfortunately even 'real-life' gets in the way of Madonna fandom sometimes!

A busy and important week at work (in the National Health Service) means I cannot update the site with news until early Saturday 27 October.

Please do keep sending your tour pictures and news to [email protected]

Clare aka Miss madonnalicious

For the latest information on Madonna's vocal health (after the cancellation of the first Dallas MDNA show on Saturday 20 October) - check

Site News: madonnalicious Server

The madonnalicious server is still offline at this present time (after possibly being hacked into), meaning many pages and images will not be showing.

We can update text news but not any pictures or scans. We apologise for this break in service! We hope you stick with us through this frustrating time.

In the meantime you can visit madonnalicious on our Facebook Fan Page and keep updated with any news.

Happy New Year!

madonnalicious wishes all our readers a very Happy New Year!

2012 will be an exciting year for Madonna fans, including TV promotion for W.E., the Superbowl performance and of course a new album and a new tour!

So stick with madonnalicious who will bring you all the news updates on Madonna for 2012 - and remember we welcome news submissions and magazine scans from our readers - you help make madonnalicious what it is!

Happy New Year!

madonnalicious wishes all our readers a Happy New Year and best wishes for 2011.

This new year is special for madonnalicious as we are celebrating our 10th anniversary of being on the web. For 10 years we have been working hard to bring you all the top Madonna news and hope that in 2011 Madonna will keep us busy!

Reporters wanted for the Sticky & Sweet Tour

madonnalicious would like to invite any readers that are going to any show on the 2009 Sticky & Sweet Tour to send in their pictures and reports from the venues.

These fan submissions are what makes our coverage of the tour extra special and we couldn't do it without you!

So please email your submissions to us at [email protected] - pictures should ideally be in JPG format and sent as attachments in emails - thank you!

madonnalicious is heading off to the O2 show this afternoon - we hope to update the site as soon as we get back!

Site News: Sticky & Sweet Tour

madonnalicious has just returned from a trip to get Sticky & Sweet with Madonna in Amsterdam. A big thanks to everyone who has sent in pictures/reports from the last few tour dates. I shall be working my way through all your emails over the next couple of days....normal service will be resumed soon with lots of updates :-)

Please can fans continue to send in tour pictures and reports - especially from Nice, Berlin and Zurich - just email [email protected]

Site News: New Sticky & Sweet Poll

Fans can anticipate what the Sticky & Sweet Tour has in store for us by taking part in a new madonnalicious poll (scroll down the right-hand menu on this page).

madonnalicious wants to know What section of the 'Sticky & Sweet Tour' are you most looking forward to? - Gangsta Pimp/Art Deco, Old Skool, Gypsy or Nu-Rave.

Site News: Sticky & Sweet Spoiler Free Edition

madonnalicious is now offering it's readers the chance to stay tour spoiler free for as long as they wish.

To be spoilt rotten with tour news, rumours, updates, pictures and reviews please stay on madonnalicious - news. For those who do not wish to be spoiled until they see the show bookmark madonnalicious - tour spoiler free where you will still get all the latest Madonna news on that page - and don't worry madonnalicious will still let you know about tour ticket sales on the spoiler-free site!

And for those readers that were experiencing page loading issues, changing to this three-column design should (in theory) eliminate those problems!

Wanted: madonnalicious reporters

madonnalicious is calling out for readers to help keep fans up-to-date on all the latest Madonna news from around the world.

As the Hard Candy album promotion begins we need fans who are willing to provide good quality scans from magazines and newspapers and submit them to the site.

And with over 40% of our readers coming from the USA we are especially after US contributors - although reporters from any country are very welcome.

We are also after readers who can digitally record Madonna's upcoming TV performances to promote the album.

If you think you can help please contact us at [email protected] - and even if you can't help now, save our email address and contact us when you can!

Happy Christmas!

Happy Christmas to all madonnalicious readers!

Hope you enjoy this new look madonnalicious which now allows readers to subscribe to our news in RSS readers. We have also republished our Re-Invention Tour and Confessions Tour fan archives, full of pictures, reviews and video clips.

Entertainment Weekly's 25 Essential Fansites

Top US magazine Entertainment Weekly have published a list of what they consider to be the 25 Essential Fansites - and madonnalicious makes #10!

They're sites made by fans for fans - obsessively tracking every episode, casting announcement, and live gig from our favorite TV shows, films, and musicians. We've whipped up the 25 sites that truly put the .com (or .net, or .org) in community....

10. Madonna

Launch Date January 2003

What You'll Find:
London-based blogger Clare puts a decidedly European spin on Her Madgesty's comings and goings, from German tabloid scans to an archived BBC audio interview with Madonna's producer/collaborator Stuart Price.
Why It's Essential
Madonnalicious' basic HTML isn't pretty, but the site is incredibly meticulous - from constant updates on the Material Woman's estimated $120 million deal with Live Nation to camera-phone snapshots from the U.K. premiere of the new Desperately Seeking Susan stage show, all accompanied by Clare's chatty, conversational musings. There are also reams of vintage and obscure photos with handy links should you feel compelled to download a 1987 Madonna-starring Mitsubishi ad.

Official Site
Find a feature on the singer's current cause,, and design your own Madonna T-shirt; membership (which costs $39.99 a year) also gets you the digital magazine Icon - but none of the juicy pap shots or behind-the-scenes 'licious drama. - Leah Greenblatt

And Entertainment Weekly will be pleased to know that our basic HTML will get a little bit more prettier on Christmas Day when madonnalicious relaunches! ;-)