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Drama in Cordoba: 'It was like the world had ended'

Jamesy from fellow fansite fills madonnalicious readers on the drama that happened when the lights went out at the last MDNA show in Cordoba on Saturday:

So I go all the way to Córdoba, Argentina for the FINAL MDNA SHOW hoping there might be some surprises but NOTHING NOTHING NOTHING could have prepared me for the drama that unfolded there tonight. UNBELIEVABLE to see a stadium concert in front of 50 thousand people plunged into darkness mid-stream. Then for a FULL HOUR **NOTHING** except emergency lighting - Madonna with a hand-held loudspeaker close to tears and no-one knowing what was gonna happen next. It was like the world had ended or something. Madonna looked SO UPSET.

Emergency lights came on and for another minute or so Madonna and co kept singing and dancing and then realised what had happened. No-one in the stadium could hear anything. All video screens went black.

Then she got given a handheld loudspeaker - which didn't work. She tried talking to the people in the Golden Triangle and then in the Gold Circle - no-one could hear anything - it was utter chaos and madness.

After an HOUR they started it again with Vogue. She apologised beautifully before Like A Virgin and then SMOKED A CIGARETTE during the song - she got someone in the audience to LIGHT IT FOR HER!

Aside from that - a few jokes played during the rest of the show (with it being the last one). Looked like they put something in her drink for Human Nature and the dancers wore funny wigs and glasses during Like A Prayer. Also no masks were worn for Best Friend / Heartbeat interlude.

Santiago MDNA Show Shortened

A combination of a suspect package, torrential rain and Madonna feeling unwell meant that the show in Santiago, Chile last night (Tuesday 19 December) did not start until 11:35pm and several songs were cut from the show - including the whole opening section. The show started instead from 'Express Yourself'.

Here is a video clip of Madonna in the rain during the soundcheck of 'Human Nature' telling off fans for smoking in the audience.

Madonna's MDNA is top tour of 2012

Madonna's controversial MDNA tour is the top-selling tour of 2012, it has been revealed.
The Queen of Pop's world tour, which has made headlines since it started in Tel Aviv in May, is the highest grossing tour of the year, banking around 228 million US dollars, reported
The 72-date tour, which saw the 54-year-old singer flash some flesh on stage, was considered a huge success despite the controversies, because all the gigs sold out.
Bruce Springsteen and The E Street Band came second on the list, followed by Roger Waters in third place.
Madonna beat some of the hottest tickets around including Coldplay, Lady Gaga and Watch The Throne collaborators Jay-Z and Kanye West, who also made the top 10.
Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift made it into the top 25 with their tours, which raked in less because they played less shows than Madonna.

From Press Association Via Yahoo! News

Madonna has 2012's highest grossing tour

Madonna's massive, controversy-skirting MDNA tour has paid off: the Material Girl raked in $228 million from the live shows, making her muscular jaunt around the world the year's highest grossing tour, Billboard reports.
Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band were a somewhat distant second, claiming a total of $199 million after playing to a little more than two million people. The rest of the top five: Roger Waters at $186 million; Cirque Du Soleil's "Michael Jackson: THE IMMORTAL World Tour" with $147 million; and Coldplay, clocking $147 million. Out of those elite five, only Waters placed on last year's list - the founding member of Pink Floyd filed close to $150 million as 2011's tour revenue.


Madonna concerts outsell Lady GaGa 3 to 1 in Latin America

The statistic is even more surprising when taking into account the fact that tickets for Madonna's 'MDNA' shows are three times as expensive as those for GaGa's concerts.
The Examiner reports that GaGa's South American dates have had lacklustre sales considering the size of the venues she was booked into.
GaGa claimed her Peru show had an audience of 50,000, whereas actual ticket sales were reported to be around 17,000, with many tickets for the show being given away free as part of a buy-one-get-one-free deal.
Many of GaGa's Latin American shows also suffered from similarly low turnouts. However, Madonna regularly played in the same area to sold-out crowds of more than 55,000.
GaGa's tours have fared much better in Europe and South Africa, and the 26-year-old is set to launch her 'Born This Way Ball' tour in North America next month.

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MDNA Rocks in Rio

The MDNA tour hit Rio de Janeiro last night for one show - before heading onto Sao Paulo for the two shows on Tuesday and Wednesday.

MDNA guitarist Monte Pittman shared these pictures on his twitter account from the soundcheck and just before the show started in Rio last night.

Please keep sharing your pictures/videos from the South America leg of the MDNA tour to us at

Madonna reveals tour secrets

Madonna uses a nebuliser to keep her voice in top shape on her 'MDNA' tour.
The 54-year-old singer relies on bag of medical items, such as a facial steamer, and natural remedies to ensure she can perform to her best every night and after a concert she inhales a special saline mist to hydrate her throat.
In an interview on Brazilian TV show 'Caldeirao do Huck' - which was conducted in the bathroom of a Miami hotel room - she said: 'Here in the toilet I have my facial streamer, with eucalyptus, to calm down my voice. I also get some ice on my knee, because my knees hurt a little bit after 88 shows, that's why dancing in high heels is not recommended! The tea is for my throat it is made with tree bark and cinnamon, lemon and honey things that are soothing.'
'This is my nebuliser - I sometimes have to hit it to work - it has a saline solution which hydrates my vocal cords.'
Madonna also has several other items she can't do without when she is on the road and she relies on a 1980s cassette player to do her vocal exercises.
The 'Hung Up' hitmaker gets sent tapes by her vocal coach in New York to warm up to and she won't upgrade to modern MP3 files because she says the recordings don't then work as well.
She revealed: 'My vocal coach in New York makes me cassettes for warm-ups and cool downs. This is how you survive a hundred shows. If I put on an iPad it doesn't work, you have to stop, it doesn't flow. And you have to put headphones on and then you can't hear your voice in the room. Maybe this technology will make a comeback.'

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Madonna Complains After Giving Up Alcohol For Tour

Queen of Pop Madonna has revealed she has successfully given up alcohol in a bid to stay in shape for her mammoth MDNA tour, but admits that the sacrifice has made her life 'boring.'
The 'Girl Gone Wild' singer kicked off the tour to promote her latest album MDNA in May this year, and has seen travel to the United Arab Emirates, Europe and North and South America.
It seems that Madonna has been forced to find new hobbies to occupy her downtime during the mammoth trek, as she quit alcohol at the start of the tour to ensure she was able to give her best performance.
'Since my tour started I haven't had one drink, absolutely nothing. My life is so boring right now. I might have one when I get to Brazil though,' Madonna told Brazilian TV show Caldeirao do Huck.
Madonna's tour is set to end on December 22, with the final show taking place in Cordoba, Argentina.

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Madonna Tops Billboard's Hot Tours Again!

Madonna claims the No. 1 ranking on the weekly tally of Hot Tours for the fifth time since the launch of her blockbuster MDNA Tour that has been playing concert venues in Europe and North America since the end of May.

Ticket revenue reported during the past week surpasses the $60 million mark from performances that occurred during October and November in 18 U.S. cities. With two-show runs at venues in Seattle, San Jose, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Houston, St. Paul and New York City, the overall attendance count from six weeks of concerts totals 336,386.

With $233 million already logged from 74 shows and a string of stadium performances scheduled in South American cities through December 22, the MDNA Tour is on track to potentially rank among the 10 top-grossing tours of all time. Madonna¹s top-grossing tour so far is Sticky & Sweet Tour (2008-2009) that generated more than $407 million in ticket sales and ranks fourth all-time on the Boxscore tally.

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Russian court throws out Madonna anti-gay claim

A Russian court rejected a $10 million (6.3 million pounds) compensation claim against U.S. pop star Madonna on Thursday by a group of anti-gay activists who accused her hurting their feelings by promoting homosexuality at a St. Petersburg concert.
Performing in black lingerie with the words 'No Fear' scrawled on her back, Madonna attacked a city law adopted in March that imposed fines for spreading homosexual 'propaganda'. She had earlier called the law a 'ridiculous atrocity'.
The activists based their case on a video recording where they claimed Madonna could be seen trampling on an Orthodox cross and asking spectators to raise their hands with pink bracelets in support of the gay movement.
Judge Vitaly Barkovsky did not explain his decision but also ruled the activists should compensate legal expenses to companies which organised Madonna's concert. The activists said they will appeal the court ruling.
'Our position is the same. We believe there was a case of the breach of law, namely gay propaganda among minors,' said activist Darya Dedova.
Homosexuality, punished with jail terms in the Soviet Union, was decriminalised in Russia in 1993, but much of the gay community remains underground as prejudice runs deep.

From Reuters Via Yahoo! News

Madonna Enlists Fans For Film Project In Miami

Madonna closed out her North American tour on Tuesday night by encouraging fans to join in a special movie project filmed at her final gigs in Miami, Florida.
The pop superstar wrapped up the North American leg of her MDNA shows with a pair of concerts at the American Airlines Arena on Monday and Tuesday.
Ahead of the shows, the singer informed fans she would be filming a tour DVD at the Miami shows and she also asked gig-goers to take part in the 'MDNA Film Project'.
Fans were instructed to download a special app and film Madonna's rendition of her track Give Me All Your Luvin', before uploading the footage using the software.
The fan-filmed footage will later be edited together into a unique video.


Fan story: 'Put it right there, Sister'

madonnalicious reader Carrie shares this great story of her experience at the Atlanta MDNA show on Saturday 17 November:

I won tickets to the Golden Triangle from the Icon contest and I decided to dress up as a slutty nun to attract Guy's (Oseary's) attention. It worked! After waiting about three hours for him to show up to take pics of the fans tattoos and costumes I HAD to go to the restroom. I'm walking to the bathroom and look up and all of the sudden, Guy Oseary is in front of me and says 'I've got to take your picture, follow me.' I was freaking out!
I followed him back to the GT where he took pics with fans, pics of the fans and signed his COAD Photo book. The guy is super nice! Right before we got our photo taken together I looked at him and said 'Are you ready to confess your sins tonight to me, My Son?' He got a huge chuckle out of it, laughed and said 'That was good!' Amazing moment number one! (See picture below)

The next amazing moment was when Madonna peformed 'Like Virgin/ Love Spent' on the piano. People were throwing $1 bills at her and she stated she was worth more than $1. I quickly reached inside my purse and pulled out a $10 bill and waived at her screaming 'Madonna, I got a $10, I got a $10!' in my slutty nun costume! She looked at me, then down at the floor and said 'Put it right there, Sister' (as in it put the $10 bill on the floor!)
I was starstruck so stupidity took over. I yelled, 'No, come and take it!' and she didn't respond. So I yelled the first thing that came out of my mouth which was 'Confess, Madonna! Confess your sins.' She gave the piano guy a funny look as if I was crazy, and the crowd got a chuckle out of it! Here's the video - it happens at 7 minutes and 14 seconds!

'Sky Miles? What the hell am I gonna do with that?'

madonnalicious reader Kevin shares his pictures and story from the MDNA show in Charlotte that took place on Thursday 15 November:

It was amazing! We bought the VIP ticket, and ended up on the THIRD row! The party was great, there was a buffet, and open bar. They were playing Madonna songs, and her Sticky and Sweet tour was playing on a big screen. We went down to our seats around 9:30pm, and Madonna did not come on stage until 11:00pm! The crowd was getting kind of angry, they started a wave that went all around the arena, clapping, chanting, etc. I think everyone forgot though when she hit the stage!
The show was amazing. My favorite part was when she sang Like A Virgin down at the end of the catwalk. She asked people to throw money on stage for the Hurricane Sandy victims. Someone threw a wallet on stage, and she was going through it. At one point, she said, 'Sky Miles? What the hell am I gonna do with that?' Also, she asked for a tissue from someone, blew her nose in it, and handed it back to them! It was awesome! Great show!

MDNA Tour DVD To Be Filmed In Miami!

We are happy to announce that Madonna's MDNA Tour DVD will be filmed in Miami on November 19th and 20th!
If you are to attend one of Miami shows, get ready 'to dance and sing, to get up and do your thing' as you could make it in the final cut...
Fan club members: We are to launch the devoted Golden Triangle contest very soon. This time, we will pick winners out of the most amazing/fun looks, so go ahead and surprise us.


Madonna goes Gangnam Style with Psy

Madonna has gone Gangnam Style with a surprise guest at her latest gig - South Korean rapper Psy.
The pair danced to Psy's chart-topping song and to her track Music in front of nearly 20,000 people at Tuesday's show at New York's Madison Square Garden.
The Queen of Pop said that she was a big fan of the rapper, who flew 'all the way from Frankfurt, Germany this morning', and that she loved his bright red suit.
She matched his ensemble with red knickers under her black outfit, that she flashed at the star.
Psy said that performing with Madonna was 'one of the most amazing experiences' of recent months.
Madonna also collected money for those affected by Superstorm Sandy, with fans throwing cash on stage when she sang Like A Virgin.
She said she had collected 3,000 dollars at Monday's show at the same venue.

From Press Association Via Yahoo! News

Madonna Bares It for Hurricane Sandy Relief

Madonna knows sex sells - and that it can bring in big bucks for charity, too.
On Monday night at her MDNA concert in New York City, the Material Girl announced that she is 'showing [my] naked ass for Hurricane Sandy victims,' encouraging her audience to throw money at the stage as part of her fundraising efforts.
'If you are going to look at the crack of my ass, you better raise some cash,' she told her adoring crowd.
Earlier in the day, Madge paid a visit to the Rockaways in Queens to lend her support to those still reeling from Sandy.
A relief volunteer told the New York Daily News it was 'amazing how not a big deal this was. She had one bodyguard, and only a few people around...It was pretty cool seeing her there.'
Over the weekend, fellow pop superstar Justin Timberlake and his wife, Jessica Biel, also stopped by the storm-ravaged beach town and volunteered to help victims.
It's nice to see these stars using their celebrity to help others.

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