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Madonna's 'MDNA World Tour' Blu-ray recalled in US

Madonna's 'MDNA World Tour' Blu-ray has been recalled in the US due to an 'error in manufacturing'.

Fans complained that the sound and visual quality of the tour DVD was substandard, prompting Interscope Records to concede that the 5.1 audio had been compromised.

'Due to an error in manufacturing that has compromised the 5.1 audio in the US, a full recall of the Blu-ray disc will be issued in the US. No other markets will be affected. We apologise for this inconvenience,' the label said.

For fans in other areas experiencing issues, it added: 'Interscope Records would like to make consumers of Madonna's 'MDNA World Tour' Blu-ray disc aware that the concert will be seen at its most optimal quality by properly adjusting the settings on your television to 'Normal/Movie' mode rather than 'Dynamic/Enhanced' mode. Older Blu-ray players or those without a firmware upgrade may experience glitches when navigating the Blu-ray menu. Follow the manufacturer's instructions to upgrade firmware.

The 'MDNA World Tour' home video debuted at number one on Billboard's Music Video Sales chart last week after selling 11,000 copies.

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Video: Nicki Minaj's 'I Don't Give A' from the MDNA Tour

Nicki Minaj teamed up with Madonna for the song 'I Don't Give A,' a track off of Madge's 2012 album, 'MDNA.' The collaboration was performed by Madonna on her MDNA tour, featuring a video of Minaj rapping verses. Now, Minaj has debuted an official video to her part in the song, dropping 'I Don't Give A' on Monday. She gives props to Madonna, rapping, 'There's only one queen, and that's Madonna.'

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Official Cover for the MDNA World Tour DVD

Madonna's MDNA World Tour concert film will be released September 10th (September 9th for UK) on DVD, Blu-ray and as a digital album on Live Nation and Interscope Records.

Directed by Danny B. Tull and Stephane Sennour and produced by Madonna, the two hour nonstop performance includes songs from Madonna's MDNA album such as 'Girl Gone Wild' and 'Gang Bang,' as well as fan favorites including exhilarating versions of 'Hung Up,' 'Express Yourself,' 'Vogue,' 'Open Your Heart,' 'Like A Prayer' and 'Celebration.' And a behind-the-scenes look at the MDNA workshop that started the tour.


Madonna expresses herself via costume

Madonna's costumes help her play a character on stage.
The singer's 2012 MDNA Tour has been turned into a documentary to give an insight into her performances and brilliant costumes.
Arianne Phillips dresses the pop legend and revealed what they are trying to achieve with her concert looks.
'We think of it as characters, and [Madonna] is playing a part. That character requires development and visuals in addition to the songs she’s singing,' Arianne explained to
'In the beginning of the show, she comes out dressed like a queen in a crown with a machine gun. She takes that off to reveal this super-vixen character that we kind of debuted in the Girl Gone Wild video.'
'The next act is all about expression and having a message, and it opens up with Express Yourself. She’s wearing this homage to a forties majorette. The third act is Vogue, and it’s all about identity and gender-bending - iconic Madonna. She’s trying to figure out who she is again. And in the end, it’s a celebration, and she transforms into this powerful Joan of Arc character.'
Last week, Madonna stepped out for the premiere of documentary Madonna: The MDNA Tour in New York City.
The star showed off an unusual look, complete with top hat and fingerless gloves.
While she may look like the frontrunner of eccentric style, the singer isn't immune to a wardrobe malfunction.
'Everything goes wrong daily,' Arianne laughed.
'Shoes break, bras break, but that’s what keeps a live show interesting. When the adrenaline of the audience kicks in, there’s almost like a langue between the audience and the performers. And that’s when seams pop off and crystals fly.'

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Madonna: The MDNA Workshop (Uncut)

EPIX is bringing you an intimate look at the unique training and audition process for one of the coveted spots on Madonna's award winning tour in MDNA Workshop.

Watch this exclusive mini-documentary to see the audition process for Madonna: The MDNA Tour.

See which dancers make the cut in Madonna: The MDNA Tour airing Saturday, June 22nd at 8pm ET on EPIX -

Get a free trial for EPIX right here:

*Correction in credits: Guitar is Monte Pittman and Violinist is Hahn Binn.

Madonna has five minute fashion turnaround

Madonna's hair, make-up and wardrobe transformed in under five minutes while on tour.
The pop superstar travelled the world with her MDNA Tour last year, and her new concert film The MDNA Tour premieres on cable network Epix this weekend. A huge amount of work went into Madonna's various stage looks and make-up artist Gina Brooke has revealed how fast-paced the wardrobe changes were.
'The quick changes happened underneath the stage, and we’d basically have to change her hair, make-up, and wardrobe in under five minutes! It’s so much fun working with her, though,' she told 'There’s nobody like her. I’ve worked with so many people in the industry, and there is no one and will never be anyone like Madonna.'
Gina worked with Make Up For Ever to create a special lipstick for Madonna's tour. The bold red hue was custom blended just for the iconic star.
'Every single tour, I make Madonna a new product,' she explained of Aqua Rouge Lipstick in Iconic Red. 'This tour, I made a lip product for her. I wanted to create a beautiful, memorable colour, and we did!'
Madonna's hairstylist Andy LeCompte also revealed details about the 54-year-old star's different dos on tour.
He likes to experiment with styles, but was aware of the time restraints involved during the shows. Andy had to make sure each look could be easily evolved in between numbers.
'Whether it's a video or something we've done in the past, we always like to bring it into the show. It kind of becomes a yearbook or diary of whatever has been inspiring her to get her to that place,' he said. 'We did a '40s-inspired look, which later transformed into her look for her Vogue number. We threw her hair into a French twist, and then I curled the front piece.'

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Madonna premieres tour film, talks secret project

Madonna said there were days when she was exhausted during her recent "MDNA" world tour, but she decided to press on.
You won't see those behind-the-scenes battles in her new concert film, "The MDNA Tour," which premieres Saturday on the online and cable network Epix. But you will see the 54-year-old pop icon performing — mainly highlights from her Miami shows — for two hours on her tour, which started in May of last year and wrapped in December.
"There's no such thing as not in the mood because the show must go on, right?" the singer said at the film's premiere Tuesday night at New York's Paris Theater. "I'm a human being like everybody else, so I would have my nights, my bad nights and I would cry and I would say, 'I don't want to do this.'"
Madonna told a feverish crowd of fans, her dancers, her tour team, socialites and members of press that she wanted her shows to be a relief for those paying to see her.
"I sold the tickets and I can't let my audience down," she told the crowd of a few hundred. "Before every show everyone came into my dressing room and we got in a circle and said prayers and 50 percent of the time I said them and 49 percent of the time I was crying, usually from over-exhaustion. But there's something about pushing yourself out there when it's pouring rain or you're freezing cold or you don't feel well or something really crazy happened in the world like Hurricane Sandy."
Madonna's tour, which included design help from her 16-year-old daughter, Lourdes, also featured her 12-year-old son, Rocco, as a dancer.
"He was going to go on my tour whether he liked it or not," said Madonna. "I was thrilled to see him every night. He gave me a boost of energy. However, he does not look like that (now). In one year he has grown, he's 6 feet tall and his voice has deepened. I'm a little bit scared of him."
Madonna also unveiled a secret project Tuesday — a collaboration with photographer Steven Klein. She showed a one-minute trailer that featured her background dancers and showed the singer being dragged on the floor.
She was answering questions before she premiered the black-and-white video and told the crowd she was leaving the stage so they could see it.
"No," they screamed. "Well I can't sit in front of the trailer. I'll just do a stage dive. No. I saw the Billboard Awards — no stage dive," she said jokingly, referring to R&B singer Miguel's jump that injured a woman at the awards show last month.
Madonna's new concert film will be released on DVD on Aug. 27.

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Epix HD tweet commentary from the premiere

Madonna took to the stage for a Q&A session after the premiere screening of the MDNA tour in New York City last night - Epix HD tweeted some of her comments from this session and a picture of her onstage:

Madonna tells her fans "You're all girls gone wild."

"Can I get a New York Fuck Yeah?"

"He's disconcertingly comfortable on stage." - #Madonna of her son on her tour

"There was a lot of work that got put into this." #madonna of the editing process for The #MDNA Tour

"From beginning to this moment it's been a labor of love." - #madonna of the editing process for The #MDNA Tour

"I take my ideas from everywhere. I think we should all take our inspiration from life." #madonna on fashion for the #MDNA Tour

#madonna stays mum on the secret project...maybe.

"I can now put my legs up, have a drink and feel like I finished my job. Fuck yeah!" #madonna

MDNA: 'You never know what you're going to get'

Madonna still matters.
That’s the message of Madonna: The MDNA Tour, a documentary that chronicles her top-grossing 2012 worldwide tour. Ostensibly a concert film, The MDNA Tour also sheds light on the impact Madonna has had on a generation of artists, dancers, and general fans who refuse to conform for conformity’s sake.
Director Danny Tull, who’s edited several of Madonna’s recent projects, including W.E., took a close-up look at the icon’s legendary drive, cutting the best moments of 88 different shows into one cohesive documentary. “There was just a mammoth amount of footage to get through and find that perfect shot for her,” says Tull, who literally worked his fingers to the bone in the editing suite for six months. “On ‘Like a Prayer,’ there must be [cuts of concerts from] 50 countries inside that song alone. It was really intense. I think I looked down one day and I was like, ‘Oh, my fingers are about to fall off.’ But it was worth it.’”
By the end, Tull knew the ins and outs of the concert perhaps better than Madonna herself, but she still never ceased to surprise him. “The interesting thing with her is you never know what you’re going to get,” he says. “She always brings something different to the table. Maybe fans had known it before, but I think her Olympian spirit will be reinforced again [with the doc]. It’s just unbelievable, the pace of the show. It’s just non-stop. It’s very difficult to keep up.”
Madonna still matters - you’d better believe it!


The MDNA Tour Premiere Screening Tonight!

The time has finally arrived! Some lucky fans will get to see the premiere screening of The MDNA Tour at the Paris Theatre in New York City tonight - with Madonna in attendance to do a Q&A session. Many members of the MDNA tour family, dancers and band, will also be in at the screening.

madonnalicious would love any fans attending the event, or just watching the red carpet, to send us their thoughts/pictures/videos from the event - just email us at [email protected]

MDNA DVD/Blu-ray to be released 26 Aug (27 Aug for US)

Madonna's groundbreaking, critically acclaimed, controversial and visually stunning MDNA concert will be available in the US on August 27th (August 26th globally), it was announced today by Universal Music. The two hour MDNA extravaganza was the most successful tour of 2012. Presented by Live Nation Global Touring, the tour included 88 sold out shows in 29 countries. Madonna and her ten member band lead by musical director Kevin Antunes and troupe of 25 dancers performed a wild two hour spectacle that fascinated, enthralled and entertained 2.2 million fans.

"Madonna spent six months personally editing the video footage from 30 cameras and many different shows to put together the MDNA DVD. Her attention to every frame, every detail and nuance and total commitment to show her creative vision has been done to perfection. Each song is like a short movie. One minute you are in an action movie and the next you're at a golden era musical before shooting across to India and back for a house party to finish. It's better than any 3-D Imax movie out there and at a break neck pace that would make any Olympian struggle for breath," commented the show's co- director and supervising editor, Danny B. Tull.

The MDNA DVD was directed by Danny B. Tull and Stephane Sennour and was produced by Madonna.. Executive producers: Arthur Fogel, Guy Oseary and Sara Zambreno. Tour wardrobe was created by Arianne Phillips. Supervising Editor Danny B. Tull. Director of Photography Mark Ritchie.


The MDNA Tour One Year Anniversary!

This time last year fans around the world were waiting for the news and pictures to come in from the opening night of the MDNA Tour in Tel Aviv.

Months of build up, teaser pictures and rumours circulated but this night would finally reveal the truth and put Madonna on the front pages of the world's press once again.

This tour brought fans much closer into the tour experience, with MDNA dancers and musicians tweeting pictures from soundchecks and their journey around the globe.

One year on, how do you feel about the MDNA tour? Did you see it in person, experience the golden triangle, get to see a soundcheck or are you still waiting to watch it on the DVD? Add your thoughts by hitting the 'Comments' button below this post.

Madonna’s MDNA Concert to Premiere on EPIX

Premium network EPIX will premiere Madonna’s MDNA tour - an EPIX Original Concert Event - on June 22 at 8:00 pm ET. One of the most spectacular and controversial extravaganzas of 2012, Madonna: the MDNA Tour was filmed primarily in Miami as well as other locations.
The MDNA Tour was the most successful and highest grossing tour of 2012 and was seen by over 2.2 million Madonna fans during the course of the 88 sold-out shows around the globe. The concert includes performances of several of her biggest hits including 'Vogue,' 'Like A Prayer' and 'Hung Up.' She also performs songs from her MDNA album including 'Give Me All Your Luvin’,' 'Girl Gone Wild,' 'Gang Bang' and 'Turn Up the Radio.' The album debuted at No. 1 in over 30 countries.
Madonna, along with her seven member band, outstanding troupe of 27 dancers (all clothed in 1500 costumes) and state of the art visuals and sound electrified crowds internationally with what the Material Girl termed 'the hardest but most thrilling and challenging show I’ve ever done.'
'My show is a journey...the journey of a soul from darkness to light. It is part cinematic musical theatre – part spectacle and sometimes intimate performance art. It is journey from anger to love and from chaos to order. There are good guys and bad guys to help illustrate this point. Sometimes I play both. It must be watched with an open heart from beginning to end. I am sure if it is viewed this way, you will walk away feeling inspired, invigorated and will want to make the world a better place,' concluded Madonna in describing the show’s intent.
EPIX CEO and President Mark Greenberg commented, 'Madonna’s stunning musical performance and show-stopping moves continue to prove that she is truly a timeless entertainer. We launched the EPIX network with Madonna’s previous tour, Sticky and Sweet, premiering the concert the first night that EPIX was on air. We are very excited to have her back on the network.'
The MDNA Show was directed by Danny Tull and Stephane Sennour. Tull has worked with Madonna editing previous shows and her feature film W.E.
EPIX, launched in 2009, is the first multiplatform premium network offering thousands of hit movies and special events featuring marquee talent for fans to view on television and across hundreds of Internet connected devices. For more information on the U.S. television premiere of Madonna: The MDNA Tour on EPIX, visit and follow

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Video: MDNA Córdoba - The Day The Music Died

Fellow fansite have been working away putting together the video footage they shot in Cordoba to tell the story of the final MDNA show:

The final night of a tour can often be something quite special. It's traditional for jokes to get played by crew members and tearful thank-you speeches to be made. When the show is definitely not being broadcast anywhere or filmed for future release then there's even more potential for some unusual things to happen on the night.

Madonna wins court judgment for $40,000

She came. She sang. She got paid, but a Ukrainian judge says not enough.
Madonna’s first-ever concert in Kyiv last August left lots of fond memories for fans, but a legal nightmare for the show’s organizers. Melnitsa International, who brought the pop queen to Ukraine, lost a lawsuit on Jan. 18 for apparently violating Madonna’s copyright.
The company was ordered by a Kyiv district court to pay Hr 1.09 million($136,000) in damages, including Hr 322,866 (about $40,000) to Madonna herself. But it’s unclear whether the diva knows anything about the cash the Ukrainian court awarded her because it wasn’t her who started the legal process and claimed her rights were breached.
Madonna’s spokesperson did not respond to requests for comments by the time Kyiv Post went to press.
The lawsuit against Madonna’s concert organizers was instigated by the state Ukrainian Agency for Copyright and Related Rights. The agency’s role is to collect royalties in Ukraine from concerts, clubs, radio stations and so on, and pass the cash on to official representatives of artists.
By law, concert organizers have to pay 5 percent of their take to copyright holders on top of the sum indicated in the direct contract with the singer.
The regulating agency claimed that Madonna’s concert organizers breached her copyright, as well as the rights of 46 authors of the songs performed during the concert, because they failed to sign an agreement with the state body before dealing with Madonna, and instead paid her royalties to an irrelevant company.
'We have warned to get a license with (our) agency for using the songs,' said Sergiy Rogozhin, the agency’s deputy director. 'They didn’t do it ... and violated the copyright which we’re managing.'
He said his agency has exclusive contracts for Madonna’s (and many other artists’) copyright in Ukraine.
Ukrainian Agency for Copyright and Related Rights filed a similar suit against Melnitsa International for organizing the Red Hot Chili Peppers concert last summer, but it’s still pending in court. Melnitsa International had no immediate comment.
What got the company in legal trouble is choosing to deal with a private copyright management company, House of Music Authors. Maria Borodina, a lawyer for House of Music Authors, said her company also has contracts with international copyright agencies that represent artists like Madonna. She says she was 'shocked' by what she considers to be a biased court decision.
'It looked like it was just copied from the (state agency’s) plea and nobody considered the point of the defendant,' Borodina said. House of Music Authors and Melnitsa International appealed the ruling on Jan. 28.
Borodina said the court ruling is not the only piece of the puzzle related to the government-owned copyright agency. She said the agency forwarded Hr 15,000 ($1,875) in royalties to rock band Scorpions for their concert in 2010. According to Borodina, Britney Spears got even less, Hr 11,000 ($1,375). Both performed in Palats Sportu, which seats close to 10,000 people.
'How is this possible, when Palats Sportu was packed and the average price for the ticket was Hr 1,000 ($125)? They should have paid Hr 300,000 ($37,500) at least,' Borodina says. Rogozhin would not comment on these cases, saying they took place a long time ago.
Oksana Yefimchuk, a lawyer at Jurimex, who specializes on copyright issues, says that most copyright agencies in Ukraine, especially government ones, have bad reputations. 'The money they collect often doesn’t reach copyright holders and is hanging on their banking accounts,' she says.


MDNA tour proven more successful than originally thought

Last week, Billboard released the updated final numbers for Madonna's MDNA tour, which was widely publicized to have made 296 million dollars. Apparently, all shows weren't accounted for and Madonna actually made almost 306 million dollars. This gives her the 10th biggest moneymaking tour of all time.
What's interesting about these numbers is the fact that Elton John and others have declared Madonna's career as 'over' this past year. Elton John, who played to mostly empty houses this past year, shouldn't be one to talk. There is no doubt he's had an amazing career, but to call someone far more successful than you 'over' seems a bit hypocritical.
This isn't to say that Madonna is perfect either. There has been a lot of bad publicity over her recent tour. Most of the bad publicity is unwarranted and sexist, but some is deserved. The fact that she started many of her shows at 10:30 p.m. (even one time 11:30 p.m.) is very disrespectful to fans who have paid so much money to see their idol.
We hear that there were many technical difficulties for the MDNA tour. We also hear that Madonna was not backstage laughing while crowds waited impatiently; she was making sure everything was perfect. In other words, Madonna thought she was caring for her fans by doing several vocal rehearsals, dance rehearsals, and analyzing everything to make sure her show was perfect for the fans, even if she came on stage late. Madonna does care about her fans, but not in a way that makes everybody happy.
2013 will - for the most part - be a peaceful year for the Queen of Pop. She deserves some time off. There may be a soundtrack song released and we hear she has been talking with Patrick Leonard, the man she cowrote 'Live to Tell,' 'Like a Prayer,' and many other classics with. There is also a big possibility that Madonna will perform at various events. Let's hope the Queen of Pop will show the world, once again, why she has earned her title.


'MDNA' Tour Makes Billboard Boxscore's All-Time Top 10

The final numbers are in, and Madonna's 2012 'MDNA' tour has retained her box office form, clocking in at $305,158,363 gross with 2,212,345 in attendance over 88 shows, according to Billboard Boxscore. The tour began in Israel last May 31 and finished in Argentina on Dec. 22, hitting Europe, Asia and North America in between.
The 'MDNA' final box office tally is enough to rank 'MDNA' No. 10 all-time in tours as reported to Boxscore, sandwiched between the Rolling Stones' 'Licks' tour of 2002-2003 ($311 million) and the Stones' 'Bridges To Babylon' tour of 1997-98 ($274 million).
This is Madonna's second time in the Boxscore Top 10; the 'Sticky & Sweet' tour of 2008-09 was third all-time at $408 million, the highest ever for a solo artist. Her 2006 'Confessions' tour came in at $194 million. All of these tours, including 'MDNA,' were produced by Live Nation's Global Touring division, headed by LNGT chairman Arthur Fogel, who offhandedly predicted to Billboard back in April that MDNA would end up a Boxscore Top 10 tour.
Had 'MDNA' played Australian stadiums, as was initially considered, the tour would have moved up a few notches up the all-time list. As it stood and as it stands, 'MDNA' was the highest-grossing tour for 2012 according to Boxscore, making it Madonna's third time closing a year at the top of the box office heap, the others being 2009 and 2004. Madonna joined the Rolling Stones, the Grateful Dead and Bon Jovi as the only acts to be Billboard's highest-grossing tour twice in a three-year span, and 'MDNA' gives Fogel and Live Nation their sixth top tour over the past 10 years.
'MDNA' is the second tour under a 10-year multi-rights deal between Madonna and Live Nation, signed in 2007. 'MDNA' is Madonna's fifth tour with Fogel's team, a run that marks the Material Girl's ascent into the elite ranks of touring artists and inarguably makes her the top touring female artist of all time.
'It seems like I have said this a number of times following Madonna tours - five times to be precise: the overwhelming global success of the 'MDNA' tour proves yet again that Madonna is the greatest female touring artist,' Fogel told Billboard as the tour came to a close. 'As this tour takes its place as one of the most successful in history, I can't help but enjoy the fact that it is the millions of fans who determine that. Thank you to [Madonna manager] Guy Oseary and the entire staff and crew of 'MDNA.''


Madonna, Bruce Springsteen biggest 2012 world tours

Pop and rock music legends bested their younger chart-topping competition on the concert trail in 2012, according to data released on Friday by trade publication Pollstar.
Pop matriarch Madonna, 54, led all competition, grossing some $296.1 million (184.2 million pounds) in ticket sales in her 88-show world tour. She topped Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band ($210.2 million) and Pink Floyd founder Roger Waters ($186.4 million).
The elder statesmen of the music world, while no longer topping the charts or scoring radio hits, are doing well because their older audiences can afford to pay higher ticket prices, Gary Bongiovanni, Pollstar editor, told Reuters.
'Certainly the older acts charge more because they can get away with it,' he said.
The Rolling Stones were able to command an eye-popping $529.51 average ticket price. Their five-show tour in November and December grossed $35.5 million, good enough for No. 33 on the list.
British rockers Coldplay were No. 4 on the list, taking in $171.3 million. Lady Gaga placed fifth grossing $161.4 million while at No. 6 Cirque Du Soleil's tribute to late King of Pop Michael Jackson grossed $140.2 million during a 172-show tour.
Teen sensation Justin Bieber, who played a 35-show tour, failed to crack the top 20, taking in $40.2 million, at No. 23.
Acts that cemented their reputations decades ago dominated the top-grossing tours even while playing fewer shows.
Country stars Kenny Chesney and Tim McGraw placed seventh grossing $96.5 million in 23 shows, while heavy metal pioneers Metallica were one spot lower at $86.1 million over 30 shows.
Some artists have been enticed to jack-up their own ticket prices after seeing how much more re-sellers were able to command, Bongiovanni explained.
'Now it's a matter of how much money can I make,' he said. 'Some artists like Springsteen are very popular but if you look at their average ticket price it's nowhere near Roger Waters, Madonna and Lady Gaga.'
The average face-value ticket price for a Springsteen concert was $91.95, which was well below the $140.38 average for Madonna and $110.96 for Roger Waters.
Eight separate Cirque Du Soleil shows appeared in the top 50, which did not include the circus company's non-travelling shows in Las Vegas and elsewhere. All told, the Canadian company may have earned close to $1 billion in gross ticket sales, Bongiovanni said.
Elton John ($69.9 million) and Red Hot Chili Peppers ($57.8 million) rounded out the top 10.

From Reuters Via Yahoo! News

2012 Top Worldwide Tours

'Pollstar' has just released its exclusive 2012 Top 50 Worldwide Tours Chart as a preview to its full year-end research coming in early January.
This is the only concert industry chart that covers the entire calendar year. All figures have been converted to U.S. dollars and represent the total face-value gross ticket sales for all dates played. The Pollstar database includes specific sales figures for nearly 90 percent of all shows worked by the top attractions and projections were made for any of the unreported dates.
Madonna grossed $296.1 million to easily claim the No. 1 spot on the chart. Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band claimed the second slot at $210.2 million. Both acts played to more than 2 million fans in 2012. Roger Waters generated $186.4 million to come in at No. 3. He is also the highest ranking hold-over from the 2011 chart where he placed No. 5 with a gross of $103.6 million.
Proving there is a global diversity of attractions, only 13 artists from 2011 made this year’s Top 50. It is also worth noting that the global brand strength of Cirque du Soleil has never been greater with eight different touring shows ranking on the chart.
The Top 50 Worldwide Tours did a combined gross of $3 billion, which was down about 2 percent from $3.07 billion in 2011.
Total tickets sold was 34.9 million which continued the decline from 35.48 million the previous year and is well off the pace from 2009 when the Top 50 sold 45.3 million. The average global ticket price was $85.93 which was down 60 cents from last year but still well above the $73.83 charged in the more robust year of 2009.
Pollstar’s full research package including the Top 200 Tours of 2012, most active venues and concert promoters, and analysis of the worldwide industry is scheduled for release on Jan. 4.

The full list of the 2012 Top 50 worldwide tours chart can be viewed here.