4 Minutes

4 Minutes in LA and NYC

From Los Angeles - thanks to Jose:
Please keep promoting for your readers to vote for Madonna's 4 Minutes on Los Angeles KIIS FM 102.7 (home to Ryan Seacrest). This is a huge radio station in America and a very important one for Madonna. Currently her song is at #26 on the playlist and I know we can do much better. Please vote at www.vipnetwork.kiisfm.com/jojos_top_99

From New York City - thanks to Fernando:
Madonna scored a #1 on both the TOP 5 at Noon and Interactive 9@9 on Z100 on Monday! Keep voting guys! We have to keep her there. Please do not stop requesting via telephone at 800-242-0100. Also keep voting at www.z100.com by clicking 'On Air' and selecting 9@9.

4 Minutes Worldwide Updates

From Atlanta - thanks to John and Brian:
Her Madgesty is getting some gains in airplay in Atlanta, but we need to continue to request '4 Minutes'.
Here are some links to get her in full rotation, go to www.star94.com and email the 'On Air Now' DJ.
Email Q100.5 FM at www.allthehitsq100.com/equest/songrequest or text 71005 to request the song.

From Denmark - thanks to Louise:
Thought I'd want to share that 4 Minutes is the #1 most sold song and the 16th most played song in Denmark this week.

From Hong Kong - thanks to Stephen:
'4 Minutes' has risen to #1 in Hong Kong - check out 881903.com

From Los Angeles - thanks to Andre A:
I just wanted to inform you that I heard the song three times this weekend on LA's 102.7 KIIS FM, it seems they are playing it on a regular basis since I heard it both on Saturday and Sunday.

From the Netherlands - thanks to Dennis:
Madonna went, in her 2nd week, in the Dutch Tipparade from #28 to #10.

From New York City - thanks to Fernando:
Madonna is #1 in New York. On Friday's Z100 9@9 Madonna scored the #1 with '4 Minutes' after being the most requested song in the last 24 hours and at #2 on the most requested song for the Top 5 at Noon.
Please do not stop requesting via telephone at 800-242-0100. Also keep voting at www.z100.com by clicking 'On Air' and selecting 9@9.

From Tokyo - thanks to Dennis:
Since you are keeping tabs on such things: '4 Minutes' had the highest debut on the J-Wave Hot 100 weekly chart coming in at....wait for it....#4.

4 Minutes Chart and Radio News

From Cape Town - thanks to Gareth:
Just to let you know, Madonna is #5 on Cape Town's most listened to radio station KFM's Top 8 @ 8.

From Chicago - thanks to Christopher:
I would like to report that '4 Minutes' is receiving heavy airplay at three major Chicago stations - WBBM 96.3 - B96, WKSC 103.5 - KISS FM and WTMX 101.9 - THE MIX.

From Germany - thanks to Nicola:
Here are the chart stats from ITunes Germany: Madonna's '4 Minutes' has only been released on Thursday and it is already #3.
Meanwhile, the Deluxe Edition of 'Hard Candy' went down from #2 to #4 on the iTunes album charts while the Standard Version dropped from #3 to #7.

From Hong Kong - thanks to Alex:
Madonna's 4 Minutes entered the Hong Kong chart at #5 - check out www.rthk.org.hk. RTHK is the official radio station set up by the government.

From Los Angeles - thanks to John:
Just wanted to let you know that 4 Minutes is finally on the list for JoJo's Top 9 at 9 - LA's biggest Top 40 station - it wasn't even as an option earlier in the week. You can vote as many times as you want at vipnetwork.kiisfm.com/jojos_top_99

From Los Angeles - thanks to Linda:
To request 4 Minutes at Los Angeles Power 106 visit www.power106.com/countdown/top4at4 - you can also text your request @ 69106. Please urge all your readers to help Madonna in Los Angeles.

From New Zealand - thanks to Gillian:
Just thought I’d let you know 4 Minutes is #4 on iTunes in New Zealand and Hard Candy Deluxe Version is the #2 album!

From Spain - thanks to Chipie:
4 Minutes enters at #30 in it's first week in the most important radio in Spain, Los 40 Principales. Help us to make it #1 by voting at www.los40.com

From USA thanks to Micheal:
As of Friday 28 March 28, Madonna's '4 Minnutes' is #2 on iTunes USA Top Song list. This no doubt will help the track make a huge leap up the Billboard Hot 100 chart next week! Also Madonna's forthcoming Album 'Hard Candy' is at #5 Amazon.com - amazing considering the album due is a month away further evidence of the monumental anticipation for this album!

4 Minutes enters the Billboard charts

Madonna's 4 Minutes has finally makes it's debut on the US Billboard charts:

#22 - Pop 100 Airplay Chart
#32 - Pop 100 Singles Chart
#68 - Billboard Hot 100 Chart

Remember this does not include Itunes digital sales yet so this is an amazing start - insiders are predicting that the track keep jump into the top 15 or higher so keep requesting and download the track if you havent already!

Thanks to Micheal

Madonna sets records in Canada

'4 Minutes' is the fastest single to hit #1 in Canadian radio history.
Broadcast Data Services (BDS), the company that monitors airplay in North America has confirmed that '4 Minutes,' the first single from Madonna's forthcoming album Hard Candy, has debuted at #1 on the Canadian CHR Audience chart.
This marks the first time any single has entered at the top of either CHR chart in BDS history. '4 Minutes' was co-written by Madonna, Justin Timberlake and Timbaland. Timberlake also co-produced the track with Timbaland and performs vocals with Madonna.
The song also entered the CHR spins chart at #5, only the second song ever to debut in the Top 10 on that chart. '4 Minutes' also entered the All Format Audience chart at #2, the highest debut in the chart's history.
'4 Minutes' is currently the #1 selling single on iTunes while Hard Candy has the distinction of being the current best selling album on iTunes based strictly on pre-orders.

Thanks to Matthew

Further 4 Minutes Radio Reports

Boston - thanks to Mike:
Just a follow-up to the Boston update. I have also not heard Mix 98-5 play it during the day but the John Lander Morning Show has played it the past 3 mornings and Mix's music director, Mike Mullaney, played it on his weekly You Oughta Know show on Sunday nights.

Hawaii - thanks to Andreanna:
I have only heard Madonna's song once on 105.5 KPMW. Tried to request it on 98.3DAJAM, so hopefully they will put it on their playlist.
It is important in Hawaii and City of Honolulu as well because we have like over 1.5 million people here and we need to get Madonna on top. I hear Rihanna, Usher, Chris Brown and Mariah and Sean Kingston alot, but what about Madonna....lol.
Here is the major Hip Hop Radio Stations in Hawaii:
104.3 POWER (KPHW)(808) 275-1000, mike@power1043.com
93.9 HOT (KIKI)808.296.9494, kelseyyogi@clearchannel.com
98.3 DAJAM 808.269.5983

Kansas - thanks to Matt:
Kansas City radio station 95.7 The Vibe played 4 Minutes today for the first time. I have had the radio on all day and people have called in more than once requesting it. It is a hit!

Las Vegas - thanks to Roger:
The biggest station here again is NOT playing the song. Last time they refused to play Hung Up yet when the tour came here they acted like it was them bringing her here.
Please ask people to go to www.mix941.fm and request the song.

Los Angeles - thanks to Shawn:
Madonna fans in L.A. PLEASE call or e-mail 102.7 KiisFM to keep requesting '4 Minutes' because they're not playing it and it's not getting on JoJo's top 9@ 9 because apparently they're not getting enough requests or feedback on the song. Anyone in the West Coast can volunteer to call the toll free number or e-mail them. You may contact them at: 1-800-520-1027 and/or www.kiisfm.com - THANK YOU! Lets make sure Madonna gets back on one of country's biggest radio market!

New York City - thanks to Brandon and Fernando:
Z100 basically dictates the Billboard Hot 100, believe me. If you want 4 Minutes to reach #1 on Billboard quicker and receive more airplay, post this link on you main page asking any visitors to request 4 Minutes on Z100 at www.z100.com/pages/info/request

Tonight (Tuesday night) on Z100's Interactive 9 at 9, Madonna rose from # 7 to # 4 - this is awesome. Only 8 days after being released and this high on the countdown. We must keep on voting and get her to #1. To vote for this countdown, you must log onto www.z100.com and click on the ON AIR tab and select Interactive 9 at 9. Type in the request and submit. You can actually submit over and over. Let's get our girl to where she belongs! THE TOP!
Also, make sure to call 1-800-242-0100 between 6:00am and 11:45am Monday-Friday and request her as much as possible! These requests dictate where she lands on the HIGH 5 AT NOON!

Z100 has started to ask where you are calling from and if you are not from the NY metro area....your request DOES NOT COUNT! They are also asking for street names where you live to validate you are telling the truth. This is IMPORTANT! Please make sure you mention you are from Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, Long Island, Staten Island and make sure you are familiar with a street name.

South Africa - thanks to Jackie:
Just to let you know Madonna's 4 Minutes is currently at #3 on the Top 9 @ 9.

USA - thanks to Kevin
At 104.7 St Cloud , Minnesota 4 Minutes is already #1 on the stations playlist.
At 93.3 Tampa , Florida 4 Minutes has entered the top 10 of that stations playlist.
At 100.7 Terra Haute, Indiana 4 Minutes is #8 on the hot 9@9 countdown , up one spot from last night. Let's make her #1 at www.1007mixfm.com

4 Minutes US Radio Update

From Boston - thanks to *Mathias*:
Tonight (Monday 24 March), on KISS 108 FM Boston, Madonna and Justin topped the 'Hot 7 at 7' countdown!

10 minutes prior to that, I heard 4 Minutes on another station - 104.5 WXLO Fitchburg-Worcester.
Here are some DJ's to e-mail from that particular station for Madonna requests: morningshow@wxlo.com, zito@wxlo.com, jen@wxlo.com, sully@wxlo.com, mary@1045xlo.com, rick@1045xlo.com, aj.crozby@citcomm.com

From Fort Lauderdale - thanks to aabreuu:
Just to let you know that 4 Minutes made it to the #1 spot in y100 Top 20 Countdown today here in the Miami Fort Lauderdale area....even the DJ said 'I dont know how but she is already #1 in a week'. I been requesting the song all the time. y100 is a clear channel station here in this area....you can go to www.y100.com

From Houston - thanks to Stephen:
Houston's new station HOT 95.7 KHJZ is playing Madonna's new single pretty regularly - keep texting to 43952 or log in to vote www.hothitshouston.com - every hour (the top of the hour) they play the most requested song. Keep voting!

I did request 4 Minutes on Houston's mainstay 104krbe on Friday night and they played it finally! But, they haven't played it since Friday 21 March 21. Keep requesting Houston - call 104krbe at 713-390-krbe or text to 37530.

From New York City - thanks to PRCHULO78:
HOT 97, NYC's biggest Hip Hop and R&B station has played Madonna's 4 minutes. This is huge!
They have also added her to the request line. Calling all NY metro area fans - please text your request to 75759 or call 1-800-223-9797 or fax 212-924-4442 or email hot97@hot97.com
This would definitely help '4 Minutes' reach even higher status. Remember, this is only week #2 and we need to continue full and heavy support to reach #1.

Also, it is very important to continue requesting on Z100 by texting your request to 55100 or calling 800-242-0100. You can also go to www.Z100.com and click on the ON AIR tab and select INTERACTIVE 9 at 9. She reamined at #7 on tonight's (Monday 24 March) show.

Lastly, KTU, NY's dance station, needs your continued requests as well. Please call 800-245-1035.

Remember, we are the voice and only we can help dictate. Just because the #'s are looking good after week 1, doesn't mean we need to stop.

Sirius Satelite Radio - thanks to Jason and Peter:
Sirius Satellite radio listeners (and those who just want to help) can go to: www.sirius.com/siriushits1 and vote for 4 Minutes in the 'Vote for your favorite Hit Bound song' box.

4 Minutes in Australia

madonnalicious reader Darren has sent in this report from Australia about 4 Minutes exposure on radio and TV:

Last night, on a special episode of So You Think You Can Dance....Australia, during the last package shown on the show (which was a montage of different dances since the show began), 4 minutes was used! It was a shock to see it used on television so quickly, but definitely great for getting it out there.
Radio play here is going mad as well. A very popular station, Nova 100.3 FM (Melbourne), have it on their rotated playlist. Everyone seems to be giving it a go.

4 Minutes debuts on US Airplay Chart

Allaccess.com and Mediabase, the leading radio monitor in America has just released it's 7 day report. It reveals that Madonna makes a triumpant entry onto the CHR/Top40 Airplay Chart! As of this morning (Monday 24 March) Madonna debuts at #23, 4 Minutes received +2251 spins during it's first 7 days of airplay.
Every Monday morning all radio programmers get this weekly report. For those who have been reluctant to add the track they now have evidence that the song is viable and will no doubt add the song which should further increase it's airplay all across America.

Thanks to Micheal

4 Minutes: Billboard Review

Here is an excellent review of 4 Minutes from Billboard:

It doesn't take anywhere close to '4 Minutes' to realize that Madonna is poised to score her first top 10 hit since 2005's 'Hung Up.'
The launch single from upcoming 'Hard Candy' - her 11th and final studio album for Warner Bros. - co-stars Justin Timberlake, with production props from Timbaland.
There's an awful lot going on in the busy dance track: sing-song verses, insistent foghorns, cowbells, chants of 'tick-tock' and 'Madonna, Madonna,' and a rap from Timbaland-but the trade-off chorus between Madge and Justin of 'We've only got four minutes to save the world' is hooky enough unto itself to sell the song.
'4' qualifies as an event record between superpowers who not only share equal billing, but sound gangbusters together. Expect instantaneous penetration for this spring break '08 anthem.

Thanks to Jimmy

4 Minutes airplay continues to grow

Allaccess.com and Mediabase, the leading radio monitor in America is already reporting that Madonna's 4 Minutes is the fastest growing song at CHR/Top40 as of March 20 2008 the track has received +1275 spins and is playing on 108 stations!

Madonna will no doubt make a spectactular entrance on the CHR/Top40 Airplay chart that all radio programmers get every Monday. Great news, but it's only the first week, and radio stations are notorious for letting a song fade if they think their audience isn't responding! So keep requesting the song!

Thanks to Micheal

Requesting 4 Minutes on the radio in the US

Email the DJs at KISS 108 Boston (107.9 FM) and please request the song, Jimclerkin@clearchannel.com, KendraHajjar@clearchannel.com, LisaRoach@clearchannel.com, BuddyCosta@clearchannel.com
Also fans can email the DJs at nearby New England station - 92 Pro FM Providence (92.3) willgilbert@92profm.com, will.gilbert@citcomm.com, gio@92profm.com, Jessica@92profm.com, DAVEYMORRIS@92PROFM.COM, j.buff@citcomm.com, Ryan@at40.com, requests@openhouseparty.com

Madonna is #2 On the Nine Most Requested Song List on Chicago's biggest radio station www.b96hits.com - fans should feel free to vote even more, text 29696 and make her number #1.

Los Angeles:
4 Minutes is not getting enough support on #2 station, KIIS-FM, Los Angeles.
Please tune into the station and call 1-800-520-1027 to request for it. Be sure to call for JoJo's Top 9 at 9 countdown!
Also request daily at www.mediabase.com - check up to 5 of your favorite songs from the list and submit.

New York:
Visit www.z100.com/pages/info/request and just find the song on the list and click on it. You can choose a zip code between 10001-10292 if you don't live in NY and you don't know the zip codes! Or you can call the request line on 800-242-0100.

Thanks to Fernando, Iasonas, Joe, *Mathias*, Shant and William

Billboard on 4 Minutes

Keith Caulfield of Billboard wrote this piece about Madonna's 4 Minutes in the US:

It seems like the magic combination of Madonna, Justin Timberlake and Timbaland is already working. In '4 Minutes' first three days of radio release, 60 monitored U.S. radio stations played it seven times or more. That includes WIHT Washington, D.C. (29 spins), KHJZ Houston, Texas (29 spins), WKXS Boston (22 spins) and WHTZ New York (19 spins).
Next week it will likely debut on the CHR/Top 40 airplay chart in our sister publication Radio & Records. It also has a chance of debuting on The Billboard Hot 100 as well.
We'll see if radio stations continue to embrace '4 Minutes' in the coming weeks. It wouldn't be unusual for stations to back off a song after an initial flurry of activity, especially if the song doesn't react well with a station's audience.
On a side note, '4 Minutes' will not only be released as a digital download in the coming weeks, but it will also be granted a physical single release in the U.S. The remixes of '4 Minutes,' crafted by Tracy Young, Bob Sinclair and Junkie XL, will be released on CD Maxi, 12" vinyl and of course digitally.

Thanks to Jimmy

UK Midweeks

It looks like Madonna will make the Top Ten of the UK Single Chart in downloads alone - the midweeks showed 4 Minutes charting at #9.

1 - Estelle - American Boy
2 - Duffy - Mercy
3 - Leona Lewis - Better In Time/Footprints In The Sand
4 - One Republic - Stop & Stare
5 - Nickelback - Rockstar
6 - Flo Rida - Low
7 - Utah Saints - Something Good 08
8 - Girls Aloud - Can't Speak French
9 - Madonna - 4 Minutes
10 - H Two O - What's it Gonna Be

Thanks to Chris

Dutch TV: Junkie XL on remixing 4 Minutes

Dutch madonnalicious reader Plamen sent in this report about a remixer for 4 Minutes:

Junkie XL was on Dutch national TV last night. He spoke of his new single, and - more importantly - about his remix of 4 Minutes.
In the studio, he demonstrated bits of the actual creative process - adding bass, piano and guitar lines to the vocal track - and then played about 4 seconds of the final result....which sounded AMAZING, better than the original!
You can catch the show here at www.dewerelddraaitdoor.vara.nl - scroll about 38'35" into the show for the start of the interview, and 44'55" for the 4 Minutes bit.

Madonna's 4 Minutes is top add to US radio

AllAccess.com and Mediabase, the leading radio monitor in America have stated that Madonna is already has the most added single of the week, 47 stations to be exact, including the important large markets.

Rank is by market size:
1)New York Z100
3)Chicago WKSC
8)Atlanta WSTR
9)Wash. DC WIHT
10)Boston WXKS
11)Detroit WKQI
12)Miami WHYI
15)Phoenix KZZP
16)Minneapolis KDWB
17)San Diego KHTS
XM Radio
Sirius Satellite

Other radio programmers have this report on their desk and will no doubt follow the others and add Madonna as well!

Thanks to Micheal

First UK review of 4 Minutes

Paul Flynn of UK newspaper The Observer wrote this review for 4 MInutes:

Madonna, Four Minutes (Warner), single, 4 stars (out of 5)
After failing to ignite interest in Duran Duran, Timberland and Timberlake apply their ample tricks to a more fail-safe ticket. One provides the horn-led double funk groove; the other his most boyband chorus since leaving *NSync. The result is a barnstorming urban makeover. Gwen? Nelly? Those P45s are waiting. Grandma's come to reclaim her crown.

More 4 Minutes airplay news

From Amanda:
Offical exclusive airplay of 4 Minutes is scheduled for Monday 17 March on Perth, Australia radio 92.9 with Hamish an Andy sometime after 5:00pm sneakpeak clip was played earlier on the station with the tick tick teaser at the end.

From Holger:
The German radio station 'N-Joy' will play the new song on Monday at 12:05pm.

From Sami:
I wanted to let you know that the first play of Madonna's '4 Minutes' in Finland will be on NRJ at 17:00 local time.

4 Minutes Coming Soon to the UK

The official version of Madonna's brand new single 4 Minutes will be played for the very first time on Jo Whiley's Radio 1 show at midday on Monday 17 March.
Tune in to be one of the first people to hear it, or if you miss it go to www.bbc.co.uk/radio1/listen to listen again.

You will be able to download 4 Minutes from the official UK Madonna store www.madonnastore.co.uk on Tuesday 18 March, but if you can't wait that long go to www.7digital.com/artists/madonna/4-minutes to pre-order the track which will be sent to you as soon as it's available!

Go to www.madonnastore.co.uk to make sure your Madonna back catalogue is complete now, and text MADONNA to 83138 to access great content on your mobile.

From WBR Email - thanks to Anna-Clare

4 Minutes Worldwide Radio Airplay

From Craig:
Forth One radio station on the east coast of Scotland has announced that the first play of the new Madonna single will be at 12:00 midday on Monday 17th March.

From Enrique:
Hello just to say that the single 4 Minutes received its first airplay today in Mexico on radio station BEAT 100.9 at 7:57am local time!

From Micheal:
As the world eagerly anticipates the global radio premiere of Madonna's new single '4 Minutes' on Monday 17 March, Z100 the biggest radio in US have placed a 30 second preview of '4 Minutes' on the front page of their website. The clip is identical to the clip on Amazon.com. This is great promotion, remember Z100 is the No.1 and most influential radio station in America and this could mean Madonna returning to American radio airwaves!

4 Minutes in Holland

Warner Music NL have released the following information about Madonna's new single and TV and radio appearences:

* 4 Minutes can be downloaded for mobile phones from this coming Thursday and from Tuesday 25 March you can download the single.

* On Monday 17 March the single will be premiered on Dutch radio from 6:00am. Listen to Evers Staat Op on Radio 538 and experience the premiere of 4 Minutes.

* Monday will also be the day of the first part of the interview Daphne Bunskoek did with Madonna in Los Angeles. Watch RTL Boulevard from 6:30pm.

* Warner Music NL have provided a stream of a 30 second clip of 4 Minutes HERE.

Thanks to Kimberley at www.madonnaunderground.nl / www.madonna-online.nl

4 Minutes Single Cover

buHere is the first look at the single cover for 4 Minutes - the cover was previewed as a small low quality version on Italian newspaper Corriere Della Sera but now madonnalicious can bring you a high quality version thanks to Corriere Della Sera.

Thanks to Mario

Hard Candy airplay worldwide updates

Here are some further updates from madonnalicious readers on Hard Candy tracks being played worldwide:

From Frank:
I just wanted to bring to your attention that even though 'The Beat Goes On' has not officially been released, radio stations and clubs here in Phoenix AZ USA are playing a mix of it VERY OFTEN.

From Guillermo:
Just wanted to let you know that Her Majesty's new single 4 Minutes has been hitting the clubs in Orange County and Los Angeles. I am so excited the single will definitely hit number one. I started screaming when I first heard it.

From Leo:
I heard Madonna's 4 Minutes yesterday on Y-100 in Miami at 4 p.m. The DJ said something to the effect: 'If were still on in an hour after playing this, we'll play it again.' Haha.

4 Minutes radio play around the world

Even though radio stations are not supposed to play 4 Minutes until the end of March - the leaked version that was played on French radio seems to have made it's way around the world.

From Abby:
UK radio station Galaxy 105 fm played Madonna's new single '4 Minutes' yesterday in full at about 11:30am and again just after 2:00pm.

From Liam:
Just reported on Swedish Radio NRJ that they were forbidden from playing Madonna’s '4 minutes' today on their new music battle by the record label. Apparently the song has been taken from a studio and this is not the final mix. The record label said 'It doesn’t sound like that'.
The DJs said that they had listened to the song all day yesterday and thought that it was a mega hit - they hoped that the mix hadn’t changed too much!

From Sergei:
I just wanted to let you know that Madonnas '4 Minutes' was played on P4 Norge Radio in Norway yesterday! I was so happy to hear it! THE SONG IS AWESOME!