Mexico here we come!
Madonna in hospital ICU stay


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Oh dear.

I didn't like Sam Smith's music in his ballads era, and he made some infamous gaffs in those earlier days which didn't endear me to him. Now he's doing a different style of music and some of it interests me more than his earlier tunes, but he's turned into a fetish act and seems to be mixed up about attraction and repulsion.

Why Madonna thinks duetting with him is a good idea, god only knows. She's making so many mistakes these past few years, and doesn't seem to understand the world as it is now; she sees everything through the lens of her own era, and misunderstands the younger generations by thinking they are just like she was, doing what she used to do. They are not. Things are different now.

I hope her forthcoming tour is full of the magic of her greatest hits. She needs to understand her legacy and show the world why she had the huge success that she had.

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