Madonna Instagram Live Stream January 25 2022
Frozen Remix Video

Madonna gets into the groove with Afrobeats star Fireboy DML on music video set

Madonna will be crossing the worlds of pop and Afrobeats by teaming up with man-of-the-moment Fireboy DML.

The queen of pop is set to release a remix of her 1998 song Frozen and has tapped on the rising Nigerian artist to join her on the track.

Announcing the collaboration, Madonna, 63, shared a series of photos of her and Fireboy, 26, posing together on the music video set.

In one shot, the pop icon is seen clad in a leather corset and matching hot pants while Fireboy matches her fishnet tights with a black string vest. Of course, it wouldn’t be a Madonna Instagram post without an obligatory ‘belfie’ so she included a risque photo of her crouching on the floor with her bum on show.

‘Frozen Remix song and video featuring @fireboydml. 🔥 🔥🔥 Music drops March 3rd. Video soon after! ❄️🥶❄️🎥 🎬 #frozen,’ she captioned the post.

It’s not the first time Madonna has remixed the hit track as it was given a new spin by Sickick last year and has so far amassed over 30million streams on Spotify.




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I've been a huge obsessed diehard Madonna fan for 41 years! since I was 2. My eldest sister used to play the Everybody single till the vinyl wore out! I have bought every single album/singles/EPs/videos/dvds/minidiscs/promos/imports/picture disc cd & vinyls/boxsets & books that she has released. Attended Drowned World tour 3 times, The Re-invention Tour 2 times, The Confessions Tour 4 times, Sticky & Sweet Tour 2 times, MDNA tour 2 times, Rebel Heart tour 3 times, Madame X Tour 1 time. I started to lose a little faith in her music/videos when she released Madame X, this was the first album of her's that I didn't like in full. Crave & Medellin was the only one's I liked, but only her part. I bought the CD, Vinyl & Cassette album. But I downloaded the solo versions only, & listen to them everyday. In the last 10 years it seems her demo's are way better than the released versions. And some amazing demo's may I add. She's not the Madonna I know anymore, and she's completely changed... But if she's really really happy then I'm happy for her. It's like she killing my childhood and many other Madonna die hard fans, not all but some. I will continue to buy her new (even if I don't like it) & old music/videos & merchandise & attend her concerts till I die. Madonna will also be my favourite artist of all time and I will always support her, no matter what. After all she is the one and only Madonna. Long live Queen Madonna.


* yawn *

Can we have the Madonna back who is.... full of life and energy and emotion, the one who smiles and is creative, intelligent, sophisticated, artistic, fit, and healthy ... and the one who doesn't promote alcohol and drugs.

So sad...


I miss the days when she maximised her natural beauty, sensuality, and sexiness.


She looks like a bratz doll. ENOUGH already with the filters. Hop on the bandwagon of the latest person of the moment. I’m about to hop off this train. The sicknic mix of frozen was horrible. So boring. Madonna is now so far behind the trends that she used to set. It’s sad. Her attitude the past couple of years is appalling. Always with a drink in hand or referencing pot and trying to look like a teenager in her posts when all the ridiculous filters make her look like a kardashian or a bratz doll. We all know she looks nothing like those posts. Norma Desmond is alive but not so well. 🥱🙁😣

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