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Madonna left fans feeling slightly conflicted with her most recent music announcement, doing so in a killer new look.

The singer took to her Instagram Stories to reveal that she was currently working on a series of remixes of her music titled Re-M-ix Revolution.

She then added a snapshot of herself posing in front of a wall in a colorful outfit consisting of a daring combination of fishnets and leather.


Madonna donned a fishnet top, wearing a black leather bra underneath, that flexed her toned abs. She completed the look with a star-spangled denim jacket and red leather shorts.

With the picture, she added a poll for her fans that read: "Ready for a Remix Revolution?" While many responded in the positive, there were a few who responded with a "No."

Fans have been clamoring for more new music from the pop icon, which she revealed late last year that she was in the recording booth working on, along with several remixes.

She recently took to her feed to share a series of snapshots from her time in the studio perfecting 50 dance remixes to her music.

"In the Stu working on 50 dance remixes with @therealmikedean and a little help from @honeydijon," the Like a Virgin singer captioned her post.

Madonna opted for an all-black outfit consisting of a silk blouse with a mini skirt and fishnet tights, tied in with a pair of combat boots and sunglasses.

While a few responses were more mixed, many fans excitedly reacted to the photos with comments like: "This needs to be the next tour, a proper dance party tour," and: "50 Dance Remixes?! My dream come true!

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Dan brown

Shes losing me because she doesnt do joyful pop anymore. Its all faux political rnb influenced and very dulll. I will always love her but the appeal was the joy and pop and celebration of life Thats gone now. I wouldnt mind if she was being full on political but she revels in showing off her luxury lifestyle, rubbing the peoples noses in it when the planet is dying and what we need is a revolution. I was so looking forward to buying the Madame X tour but its so overproduced and over edited I cant watch it. Its an over edited pop video rather than a concert film.


That’s not Madonna. That’s a kardashian. I hope the remixes are better than the current remix for frozen because it sucks. 😒

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