Madonna Marks Pride Weekend With a NYC Club Performance & Auction
Last Nights Party at Boom Boom #prideweekend

Madonna Premieres ‘No Fear, Courage, Resist’ at Times Square for Pride Weekend

There’s no brighter tourist destination than Times Square, and no bigger pop star than Madonna.

So it made sense for the Queen of Pop to use the famous Manhattan intersection on Thursday night (June 24) to premiere her “No fear, Courage, Resist” video.

The Pride Weekend-themed video was filmed with Ricardo Gomes, and it flashed up on the big screens of Times Square for the world to see.

The Queen of Pop teased the big show. “Tonight is not just a party to kick off Pride Weekend,” she wrote on Instagram. At 10pm and midnight in Times Square, she continued, “you can watch a special video made by ME! Don’t miss it! Let’s POP the cheery on Pride with a bang."

The pop legend is also auctioning a selection of sexy Polaroids, proceeds from which benefit The Ali Forney Center, Haus of Us, and The Door, three NYC-based organizations dedicated to creating safe spaces for LGBTQIA+ youth.



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Though she would probably respond that like Frida Kalho, her art is mainly a reflective mirror. That being said, it wouldn't hurt for her to step outside that box now and then and make art from a 2nd or 3rd person perspective--does it always have to be 'me' 'me' or 'I' with her?


How is Madonna's video about PRIDE? This video is about her and her ego, which she seals with opening her legs in the end. SHE HAS LOST IT. As a fan, I am concerned about her mental health. Artist don't grab attention to themselves, they shine the light on the cause. She stole the spotlight for herself. Better luck next time M.

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