Pushing my way thru the tedium of the color grade for Madame ❌
Madonna announces much-anticipated Madame X Tour concert film will premiere in October


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James you make some solid points.


For someone who loves what she does, she certainly doesn't show it much anymore.
So many of her photos and videos are po-faced, repeating ad infinitum that artists are meant to disturb the peace. She's spent the last 5 years playing the victim after 35 years of conquering the world by doing precisely the opposite (and being loved for it).
Peace is disturbed constantly in this world. Why would we need even less peace than we already have?
If artists are here to disturb the peace, who is here to entertain us?
If Madonna looks down on being an entertainer, she shouldn't be surprised if her fans desert her and find other artists who invest time in music, lyrics, dance, and spreading joy (like Madonna used to).

Rabbit Bunny

Maybe Madonna will switch to Fender on her next album!

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