Madonna suggest Madame X tour doc should go on OnlyFans
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Madonna all for ‘self-reflecting’ in bed while wearing nothing but lingerie and Snoop Dogg is a fan

Madonna sent fans into a spin on Instagram as she indulged in a little self-reflection on Sunday. The music icon, 62, told fans she was taking some me time, but gave her Instagram followers a lot more than they bargained for with her outfit choice for her meditation session. Madonna shared a series of NSFW selfies that saw her kicking back in just her lingerie and thigh-high stockings. Rocking a Baker Boy cap with a metal chain across it, the Like A Prayer hit-maker wasn’t afraid to bare (almost) all and seemed to win a fan in none other than Snoop Dogg.

The rapper couldn’t get enough of Madonna’s saucy selfies and commented on her post: ‘I need u 💖💖. Hit. Guy. 🎥💕💃🏽💨💨.’ Snoop wasn’t the only one thirsting over the queen of pop, as a slew of celebrities and fans were seen showering Madonna with compliments.

Game Of Thrones star Gwendoline Christie and US television host Kelly Ripa had the same idea, as they commented with a string of fire emojis, while RuPaul’s Drag Race UK finalist Bimini Bon Boulash wrote: ‘YESSSSS MUMMA.’



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Agreed. It is a tired look....repeat of 1992 , which she repeated in MDNA era, etc. That being said she is certainly 'allowed' to recycle looks, this just is one that has been played out a bit. I don't have any interest in a super-edited Madame X tour--I do 'get' what she is going form, but the last few tours ended up being messy, overdone, and only watchable in small doses. Not sure what the future holds for her---I actually would love to see her master her pre-fame recordings, unreleased demos, etc, and work with Warners to release them--why wait until she is dead and the inevitable cash ins? She seems to have some respect and interest in her pre-fame demos, maybe they could inspire a new create direction.

Eng Lo

She is loosing it.


She really really needs a re invention. This is so tired. What happened to her creativity? It seems like she has none anymore. She has surrounded herself with yes people that just blow smoke up her ass. It’s sad really. As far as any excitement for the Madame x tour blu ray, I’m afraid I’m not interested anymore. After the horrible editing she has done of the last couple of tours I doubt I will buy this one, and that will be a first for me. Seeing the shows live and then watching her VISION of them on Blu-ray are very different experiences. And I must say her crazy editing makes them unwatchable. And it has been a year now since the Madame x tour ended. Interest falling rapidly.

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