Madame X re-shoots take place
How Rita Ora Was Literally Floored by Meeting Madonna


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I hope this is going to be great. I feel a tingle of that old-fashioned pre-release excitement. Think of all the ground-breaking, breath-taking artistic projects Madonna has sent our way over the decades.

I felt filled with love for Madonna this morning considering all the flak and online ridicule she majestically absorbs, compared to Taylor Swift's humourless reaction over one Netflix joke, which is currently all over what passes for news these days: as Madonna said on Blond Ambition-- GET A FUCKIN LIFE.


Been a Madonna fan all my life - she's an incredible performer - but these past few years I'm doubting she's as creative as she'd like to believe.

For a long time now these types of rehearsal videos have emerged, showing other dancer-choreographers doing her entire concert, with Madonna imitating them.

Commissioning isn't creating. Choosing/selecting isn't creating.

Her voice has got stronger and stronger over the years, as has her playing of instruments, but her musical muse and style muse (if it was hers to begin with, which I now seriously doubt) have deserted her many moons ago.

Most worryingly, her intellect and articulateness have deserted her too. I used to be glad that, unlike Prince, Michael Jackson, and others, she had her feet firmly on the ground, and stayed relatively normal while everyone else went weird. But these past few years she's gone weird. It's very sad to see.

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