Madonna shows off her 'beautiful scar'
Madonna and her family's 'homecoming' trip to Malawi where 4 of her kids were born


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We know now that when she posted this 'going nowhere' photo she was about to head to Malawi with her family.

Most of us are stuck at home.

Has she no awareness of what's going on in most people's lives?

She used to live in an awful block of flats in New York. She *should* understand what people are going through.

I haven't seen her grin, smile, spread joy like she did in the first half of her career.

Instead of avoiding spreading chaos (her Kabalah philosophy) all she gives out now is discord ('artists are here to disturb the peace'). No thanks, the world is unpeaceful enough as it is.

Bring back the good entertainment, joy, and zest for life she used to exude, please.

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