Diablo Cody's Madonna Biopic to Feature Warhol, Basquiat, Lloyd Webber
Madonna to Co-Write and Direct Her Own Movie Biopic: The Focus of It 'Will Always Be Music'


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It's her story, she can tell it however she wants. When you tell childhood or past stories, do you remember everything verbatim? Do you think every auto-biography is 100% true? If you have a sibling, sit down with them and tell another person stories about your childhood and see how differently you and your sibling saw it, both of you thinking your version is correct. It's amazing how people are picking this apart and she's just started the writing process? Way to assume you know her creative process.

Two problems:
1. You're assuming you know her creative process.
2. You think we can all remember conversations from our past.
3. Whatevs....oh I said two. LOL.


I think we all reinterpret our history, it's how our brains work. That being said she has an interesting story, and I'd like to see it, though to be honest I'd rather hear a collection of fully mastered early era recordings.


Watching Sharon Stone on Netflix show Ratched, and how elegantly and naturally that actress has aged, makes me despair that M didn't take a similar approach with her own reflection. However it's her face and she is the one that has to look into the mirror. I hope she recalls the distant past thru a clear lens


She's not , James. She's remembering herself exactly how she started. She's honest, and if you don't believe me then just watch Truth Or Dare, you couldn't get more honest than that.

Aman Gill

She shouldn't direct and leave that to the experts. All she needs to do is tell us the truth, nothing but the truth ;-)


Two problems:-

1. She keeps reinterpreting her own history by looking at it from the present rather than remembering how she experienced and thought about things at the time of the past events

2. She is making up dialogue and calling it a true story.

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