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Bless. A star in her twilight years still trying to be relevant... with drugs. Tragic.


It seems odd to me that Madonna would spend time in Jamaica, a place as about as anti-LGBTQIA as they get. I still wish she'd apologize for supporting that anti-LGBTQIA Demon Sperm Doctor. Her visiting places like this and supporting that woman sends a very mixed message to her LGBTQIA fans.


The photo of her holding up a plate of weed with cigarette in her mouth for the camera was a disappointment. As well as the fact that she had her young children with her, it's such a clichΓ© in the creative industries. Neither drugs nor alcohol are required to be creative, nor are they required to have fun at parties. If she wants to influence society for the better, and encourage young people to be intelligent and creative, I'm not sure she's going the right way about it. Instead of self-consciously posing with alcohol and holding up a plate of weed with a cigarette of it in her mouth, she should hold up her intelligence and parade her artistic work and let them speak for themselves.

To be honest, I'm quite tired of her prancing and posing instead of creating. It's not art. It's not creative. It's not intelligent.

She used to be a force of nature. She could be relied on to forge her own path and inspire people as she did it. She would say intelligent things, give witty responses to interviewers' questions, and hold herself with self-assurance while she blazed trails. She was always stylish, naturally sexy, and had good taste in music, fashion, and videos. Where's that person gone?

If she's lost interest, why keep plodding on? She has no need to. She's the most successful, most influential, and most famous female pop star ever.

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