Dua Lipa’s ‘Levitating’ Gets The UltimateRemix Thanks to Madonna and Missy Elliott
Madonna 'pens a screenplay about her rise to stardom'


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I thought the original version of Levitating was a very average pop-song - listenable as background music but not a strong song in itself. The remix/reworking of it is more basic, but retains the danceability of the song.

I was pleasantly surprised to hear Madonna's appearance on it be so substantial, rather than just a cameo.

Her vocals are still overproduced, in my opinion, but she does sound good.

These younger pop stars churning out generic, danceable songs show that anyone can do it. Madonna always worked with people who could produce higher-quality-than-average pop music. I wouldn't want to see her churn out this level of stuff - it's the realm of pop that Kylie has always belong to - so I don't agree with the chorus of voices asking for COADF Part 2 (it was a Kylie-level album, in my opinion) - but I do wish Madonna would make some amazing dance music every now and then.

She seems to have been wanting to wind down for years now though, which is fair enough since it's her choice and her life and her career. I just wish she'd gone out on a high rather than having her career tail off like it has. She's ended up occupying neither the 'artistic, but commercially unsuccessful' niche (cf. David Bowie) nor the overcrowded 'commercially successful, but unartistic' category (cf. Dua Lipa, Katy Perry, etc etc ad infinitum). As a result, her legacy is undervalued and largely ignored by the industry as well as music listeners.

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