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Dua Lipa has announced her track Levitating is being remixed by The Blessed Madonna and the reworking will feature Missy Elliott and Madonna.

Dua Lipa has been been a busy bee during lockdown having released her second album, Future Nostalgia.

And now Lipa has announced what could be the track of the year, a reworking of her song Levitating that will feature not one, but two music icons, Madonna and Missy Elliott. Plus another Madonna, The Blessed Madonna, is producing the dance tune.

Sharing the news with her 49.3 million fans on Instagram Lipa said: 'Levitating remixed by The Blessed Madonna featuring my idols Madonna and Missy Elliott - 14th of August - Dream Come True Lets Go!!!!!!'

With this line-up of superstars, we're expecting a stomper when it is released on August 14.

From RTE News


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On a side note, The Black Madonna shouldn't have changed her name.


Not a fan of Dua Lipa's music. It's very bland, unlike the classics of the pop era of Madonna's time, which have stood the test of time.

I like Dua Lipa's voice, but I don't see much talent or originality in her.

I hope Madonna's contribution isn't overproduced: the richness of singers' voices gets erased by that, and I've always loved hearing the richness of Madonna's voice.


@Matthew: Dua Lipa is a contemporary star in the ascendancy. Any collab with not for a hit; M seldom bothers the singles charts now since she alienated her fan base.


This hopefully will get Madonna back out with her glitter ball ... may it be a massive hit. Come on dear-- Confessions 2, you know you can do it. ✨

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