Madonna wants to ‘breathe Covid-19 air’ as she discovers she has ‘antibodies’
Madonna celebrates Steven Klein's birthday in Bridgehampton


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@Jeffrey: I agree with you that a lot of M's fans don't care any more. She has lost so many of them as a result of her rudeness, arrogance and appalling attitude/lateness during tours. She famously told fans to f**k off - and a lot clearly have taken her advice. One of the problems with running a fan site now, compared with when Claire first started the site, is social media. When Madonnalicious first launched (from littlestar), it was THE go-to source for many people, often with many exclusives; now the likes of Twitter, Instagram, etc., are controlled by the artists themselves (or their management) and it is so hard now to find content for a site that those fans who do still care have not already consumed from another source. Claire has done an absolutely incredible service to Madonna and Madonna fans, but it could well be that the time for such a fan site has now passed.


It may be time for you to close up the madonnalicious website. It seems no one really cares anymore. I hate seeing you waste your time. I have appreciated your effort in this fan site, but sad to say Madonna seems to be regressing in every way. I will continue to purchase her music because it still brings me joy, but I will never pay to see her in concert again.

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