Last two shows in Paris are cancelled due to coronavirus
Madame ❌ Farewell Party


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Madonna clearly doesn’t have it in her to give the fans what they want. A proper greatest hits tour performing the songs as originally recorded. After all that is why she is the top selling female artist of all time. This Madame x tour has revealed her disdain for her fans. Her appalling behavior has soured me on ever paying to see her live again, and that breaks my heart as I am a hardcore fan and have always loved her concerts. The tardiness that began on the Mdna tour has only gotten worse. I’ll be damned if I would wait 3 hours until she decided she was ready to grace us with her presence. To see how she has treated her hardcore fans (tell me who else is going to pay $800 for a top ticket to see her perform the Madame x album virtually in its entirety while ignoring her back catalogue. Human Nature again?!?! Bitch, please! That’s a song that I never need to hear again). Her behavior has been abhorrent. It’s obvious that she lives in a bubble of yes people and ass kissers that can’t or won’t tell her no. It’s clear her ego has taken over. What happened to all of that Kabbalah studying? Clearly it didn’t take. I’m really surprised at how angry I am with her.


Well, M, if you DO tour again, please don't take it for granted that any remaining fans will shell out top dollar for a concert that may or may not happen and, if it does, could be three hours late. I truly think your abysmal behaviour has killed the goose that lays the golden egg...

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