Quarantine Diaries #2
Madonna Honors Desperately Seeking Susan Costar Mark Blum, Who Died from Coronavirus Complications

Madonna Brings You the Fish-Fry Remix of 'Vogue' You Didn't Know You Needed

It's Lenten Friday, and though she's a good Catholic, Madonna couldn't get out to a fish fry because, well, like the rest of us, she's on a coronavirus quarantine. 'Living in Special Times,' she wrote alongside a post in which she sings a special fish-fry remix of her iconic 1990 hit 'Vogue' in her bathroom.

'C'mon, go, let's go eat some fried fish (fried fish)!,' she sings into a hairbrush, while lamenting the supermarket frenzies that have cleared the shelves of pasta as some Americans continue to stockpile staples for what promises to be a long, lonely spring.

Plenty of artists have taken to singing and dancing in their bathrooms, bedrooms and yards during this COVID-19 social-distancing period, from Kelly Clarkson to Jennifer Lopez, Norah Jones, Andrew Lloyd Webber and Lin-Manuel Miranda and Niall Horan.

From Billboard.com


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@Christopher: totally agree that this video looks as if she has has butt implants. Probably the real reason for so many cancellations during the Madame X Tour. I have read that buttock implants are one of the most painful of plastic surgery procedures, so it all seems to connect.


Her plastic surgery does look terrible. The shape of her face is distorted, her ass looks like she's wearing a diaper, her breasts look like flotation devices....that being said, it is her body and her money. I am just disappointed she went down that road.


Just what have you done to yourself, Madonna Louise Ciccone Wildenstein? You are unrecognisable from even the Rebel Heart Tour. Sad to see that even you have succumbed to the societal pressures against which you have been vocal all of your career. RIP the Madonna I once 'knew' and admired...


She definitely looks like she had the butt implants, like the rest of the plastic surgery seeks to have the opposite of the desired effect, that being said it is her body to do with as she pleases, I respect that (even if I think she would have been better off without all the surgery, fillers, etc.).
Instead of doing a self-parody (a comment which works on many levels..) why doesn't she just do a mini-concert of her favorite songs? She could also do a listening party of unreleased songs and tell the audience about them....lots of things she could do without making a fool of herself.


Someone please take away her phone.


This is just plain stupid. And it looks like she really did have butt implants done. Her ass now is as ridiculous as she is becoming. It’s really quite sad what she has become.


The poor old duck, with this and her now infamous bath-time video, seems to be losing the plot. She did once tell us never to tell her to stop, but ... doesn't she have any good friends to get her to stfu and just relax after a gruelling tour? despite the barrage of comments she receives, nearly all insulting, she brazenly continues, taunting the Twitterati into giving her more and more flak. & Madonna, what did you do with your beautiful face? you are taking on the generic look of the botched surgery: this is a route I never imagined you taking. I thought you'd be brave enough to show the women of the world that it's ok to grow old gracefully, that beauty lies within. Oh well. Madonna I hope you're happy anyway. Perhaps spend your time in isolation writing us another cracking album, a sort of Confessions 2 would be nice. Love you M πŸ’Œ Sending you rays of light and love ❀️

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