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Madonna and Guy Ritchie ‘locked in legal clash just days before Christmas’


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OK, I have been a Madonna fan since LAP onwards and have been to Drowned World, ReInvention, Confessions and Rebel Heart tours , but the way she has been behaving lately is just repugnant. She has always, to me, come across as very condescending in interviews and lacking in social skills, but her behavior on this tour is bizarre, erratic and just plain rude towards the fans who have paid top dollar to see her. Fans call her out for appalling behavior and then she just throws it back at them as if they are the ones in the wrong. I am also finding it very hard to accept that there is any truth in her injuries (or the severity of them) when she is seen pole dancing and cycling on vacation in the Maldives! Some miraculous recovery!

I have a friends in the UK who are going to see the show and I have just found out that I will be in London on business during many of the London Palladium dates. They asked me if I wanted to see the show as there are still so many tickets available. I thought they were joking, but I did a quick search on Ticketmaster UK and sure enough there are tickets readily available every single date! (I made the decision not to go, btw.) The web site is also showing the start time as 20:30, but I guess that remains to be seen!

Will this be Madonna's last ever tour? I think the possibility of that is very strong, sadly.


If she is going to continue she will need to truly reinvent herself. Less posturing and drama, maybe go for more straight out musical performances. My last tour was the MDNA--it started 2 hours late, I had a 2 hour drive home after it, I decided then I was done with the tours. Cher and Morrissey manage to start on time. I can't understand why Madonna can't.
In regards to Madame X as an album, it is the most consistent she's done in years. There is too much vocal processing, too many guests, but still a worthwhile effort. I would love to see her work with her brother in law Joe Henry and do something more organic. Aimee Mann manages to put out interesting relevant work (I know comparing Madonna and Aimee Mann is comparing apples and oranges) close to 60, as did Tom Petty, and many others so age isn't really the issue.
Maybe Madonna needs to let 'Madonna' go, and just make the music she wants too, not tour if it is too stressful (or perhaps just do smaller, shorter shows), and enjoy her life. She's not Prince when it comes to musicianship, but she's not a slouch either, and she is a talented singer and songwriter--I don' think her time as an artist has to end, but it is time for a change. I think she needs to mature as a person, get out of the bubble, and connect to the world again.


Unfortunately, I had the same experience. My friends and I had tickets to her last Brooklyn performance on October 7th that she cancelled. So we were heartbroken, so we saved money and took off work and traveled to see her concert in Philadelphia on Dec 7th. If we did not see her on Dec 7th, I feel like I would still be loving her unconditionally. I’ve seen Madonna multiple times since 2001 and have followed Madonnalicious like crazy. So this is hard for me to write. Temperatures dropped to freezing that night but refused to let the audience into the theater until 10:00pm. Then once we got inside, mind you we were all in winter clothes, she had the theater turn up the heat to uncomfortable levels. My friend almost got sick. Then she didn’t start until after 11:30pm. While the concert was going on she kept making fun of the audience for being hot and she kept complaining about being cold. She then proceeded to talk about how happy she was to see no see phones so she could enjoy singing to us , etc etc etc. It sounds fine in writing but it was at that moment that I *woke* up. This concert experience is really all about her and her experience. Which explains the late starts and the heat. I was like wooooow. The critics of her are correct and I hated to say it and admit it. She doesn’t care about her fans :((( I did love the concert and I would have loved her talking more but it was SO HOT and SO LATE that I just wanted the concert to end and I wanted to leave so bad. I would have to if I wasn’t with 3 other friends. I went home and deleted all my Spotify and iTunes files of hers and threw away my copy of Madame X too. I even went so far as to delete all my Facebook posts about her. I’m on here on a fan site I don’t know why. Maybe I’m hoping she’s changed. But I am a religious man so the best I can do is pray for her to get better ❤️ I hope she changes her attitude at least for her European shows. Or cancels so she doesn’t alienate more fans. #dieHardFanNoMore


@Chris: yes, noticed this myself. In the past whenever a tour was announced, the comments would be ON FIRE. Sadly, she has alienated so many fans both musically and from her attitude.

@ExFan: funnily enough I have a number of friends who have been to almost every tour who are also saying the same thing. Someone did tell me, but I have not been able to check it out, that the theatre rules in London are far more strict with regards to end times. This might mean that she will have to start somewhere near on time... or maybe she will just cancel the shows?

Madame X has been an unmitigated disaster in so many ways. Very sad to see the rapid downfall of one of the greatest female performers of all time.


I’m afraid she is over Chris. She has alienated the casual fan by not performing the hits that everyone loves at her shows. And now with this Madame X tour I fear she has alienated her hardcore fans (myself included) by her abhorrent behavior. Starting her shows after 11 pm is unacceptable. She didn’t even start her first Las Vegas show until 12:15 am! I would have left well before then. I do like the Madame x album but lord I don’t want to hear every song from it during the show. And all of those song teasers that she did leading us to believe she was performing Rescue Me and Forbidden Love among others she hasn’t done live and then not doing them is a huge disappointment and completely wrong to tease those songs. At the Rebel Heart stop here in Atlanta she came on stage at 10:45pm. The last public trains run at 1:00am. Half the arena had left before the end of the show because they had to catch the last train. Then this tour she stops at like 8 cities in the states and offers travel packages of $3000 - $4000! Is she out of her mind?!? Top tickets were $760. That’s face value and that is ridiculous. They knew she couldn’t sell out arenas for this tour after her past behavior so they went the theatre route saying it presented her fans the unique and intimate experience. Well I call bs on that. Then cancelling beginning dates and claiming technical difficulties. Please. This tour has no technical challenges. It’s a small production compared to her past tours. When she hasn’t sold out these small venues that should speak volumes to her and her team. The problem is will she hear any of it or will she stay in her tiny little bubble? I say all this with love of Madonna. I am still a hardcore fan and I wish her a speedy recovery with her injury. I will continue to buy her music but I doubt I will ever purchase a ticket to see her live again. That makes me extremely sad.


Weird, the boards here are so quiet. It's like the fans are all gone now...everything ends. Is she really over?


I'm secretly hoping she'll cancel the London shows. First Madge concert I'm actually not looking forward to. The fact that it looks so tedious and that she's not coming on past 12.

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