Antonio Banderas Says He Had 'No Idea' Madonna Was Pursuing Him in the '90s
Vocal Warm Ups for Madame X


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I will not bother seeing Madonna anymore in concerts. I am a die hard fan and am beyond pissed how disrespectful she has been towards her fans on this tour. No thanks I would much rather see Gaga in Vegas or even Cher who seem to stick to a schedule and have more consideration for their fans who spend their hard earned money to come see them. Shame on you Madonna! Your fans made you rich and popular and this is how you have treated us. BOO!!!


I just read where she didn’t start the first Las Vegas show until after midnight. A lot of people walked out, she was booed and they gave around 500 refunds. I am a hardcore Madonna fan and I really love her music and I have seen her 6 times over 5 tours. I don’t think I will be giving her anymore of my money to see her. Her disdain for her fans is becoming clear to me and I think everyone else now. I believe the reason she is doing theaters for this tour is she knows she can’t sell out arenas anymore because she has alienated her casual fans by not performing the hits that brought her to where she is. Now she is alienating her hardcore fan base by her lack of professionalism on this tour. Her extremely late start times and the few old songs that she is doing on this tour are the same songs she does every time that I myself as a hardcore fan are getting really tired of hearing on tour. I feel she may have totally killed her touring career in the future with her behavior on this Madame x tour. Even I have had enough. I will continue to buy her music but I doubt I will ever see her in concert again, and I am extremely sad to say that.


it was a terrible show last night, many people left the venue before half way through the show, incuding people on the front row... bad choice of setlist... plus she looks and says she's tired all the time... waste of money and time

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