Vocal Warm Ups for Madame X
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Madonna sued by fans for being hours late to her concert

Fans of Madonna are suing the 'Material Girl' over the increasingly late start times for her Madame X Tour, according to legal documents obtained by TMZ.

Both Madonna and events promoter Live Nation were named in a class-action lawsuit filed by Nate Hollander after the Florida ticketholder claimed he lost money when the pop icon pushed back the start time of her concerts from 8:30 p.m. to 10:30 p.m.

The lawsuit alleges Madonna has had issues with punctuality during her current ongoing tour, routinely making concertgoers wait two hours longer initially scheduled.

Hollander claims he had bought three tickets for $1,024.95 in August for Madonna’s Dec. 17 concert in Miami Beach, which at the time of purchase was slated to start at 8:30 p.m., TMZ reported.

The lawsuit maintains that Hollander’s tickets lost considerable value after the singer delayed the start time of her remaining shows by two hours. Hollander said he'd purchased three tickets for the Tuesday night show, but was denied a refund after she switched her start times to 10:30 p.m.

Hollander, who has since assembled a group of similarly angry Madonna fans for his class-action suit, claimed the start time was too late because most concertgoers have work early the next day, TMZ reports.

Meanwhile, entertainment news website Wonderwall reports that more than 500 refunds were issued following Madonna’s scheduled 10:30 p.m. Thursday night show at the Caesars Palace Colosseum in Las Vegas. She did not come onto the stage until after midnight, and the concert did not end until close to 3 a.m., according to the entertainment news outlet.

The class-action lawsuit is pursuing the 'Like a Virgin' singer for damages.

From Fox Business


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Yeah, of course ¬¬
That people is just looking for money. The big concerts never start at their time, and Madonna's less. In addition, you know Madge isn't at her finest, so it's more than possible you need to wait more than a fan of a regular singer...


It crossed my mind that no insurer would agree to back another Madonna tour.
Or am I taking about Madame X? I get so confused these days about who is whom.
Madame X is late, she's under pressure.
Madonna was consistently late during the Rebel H tour.
Both of them have timekeeping issues.
Both deserve a good spanking.
"Some girls, they like candy, and others, they like to grind,
I'll settle for the back of your hand somewhere on my behind.
Treat me like I'm a bad girl, even when I'm being good to you,
I don't want you to thank me, you can just spank me."

Madonna DON'T EVER STOP you remain an icon!~we all love you xx


@Andrew Aldridge: To be honest, I suspected this might be her last tour even when it was announced initially and, given her vile behaviour, utter disdain for her fans, and the ticket prices, I really now do believe it will be. Her music doesn't really sell now (I personally think "Madame X" is one hot mess), she has pi$$ed off a large part of her ageing, i.e. long-time loyal, fan base (I am one of them, both pi$$ed off and ageing!!), and I think the only way she could salvage her touring career now is with a proper greatest hits tour (i.e. singing the songs as they are known to the public when they were hits, not mucking around with them). There are lots of stans saying how this tour is doing well financially but that is an illusion: if she sells one top price ticket at The London Palladium, then that alone is equivalent to roughly three top price tickets she sold for The Rebel Heart Tour at The O2. There are tickets available at all prices for every date at The London Palladium... and that has a capacity of only 2,286, so even her fifteen dates at The London Palladium at absolute sell-out capacity relates to less than two nights at The O2. It wouldn't surprise me one iota if the opening night at The London Palladium is cancelled anyhow, due to the alleged "technical difficulties" there so often seem to be with any of her opening nights in a location. Over the years, the pleasure of going to a Madonna tour has diminished drastically: in my view, the quality of her music has declined with each release from Confessions onwards; add to this her quite frankly outrageous tardiness, some of the highest ticket prices in the business, plus never knowing whether she is going to be in a foul mood on that night, and you really do wonder why anyone bothers with her any longer. I actually think it is tragic to see her rapid decline into - at best - mediocrity. For the record, I am a lifelong fan - saw her for the first time at The Camden Palace all those years ago (!) and have been to every tour in the UK with the exception of MDNA Tour, where I refused to stand in a field (Hyde Park)! Hell, I saw The Confessions Tour three times (once in Cardiff and twice in London) AND went to Confessions on a G-A-Y- Dancefloor, I loved that era so much! I *am* going to The Madame X Tour but SOLELY because my partner wants to go... and I am trying to so hard to muster up enthusiasm after M's antics so far on this tour.


Agree with Andrew 100%

Andrew Aldridge

What this article doesn't say, but has been quoted elsewhere, is that she said of her 12.30am start in Las Vegas "what you need to understand is that the queen is never late". This level of deluded arrogance suggests we should have concerns for her mental health. I hope the lawsuit is successful or that some other way is found to moderate her behaviour which gets worse with every tour. Huge numbers of us have already declined to attend shows that are run entirely on her terms to the point that she has gone from a stadium act on the MDNA tour to not being able to sell out theatres. This is surely her last tour and whilst it saddens me to see her become largely irrelevant and unwanted she has only herself to blame.


I am seeing the tour in London (travelling there from the US) and this is definitely the last time I will go to see M. Her attitude just sucks beyond belief now and the disdain for the fans is staggering. Maybe she should rename this her Farewell Tour, as I think even fewer people will be bothered to go to see her in the future. (There are still tickets available for any and every night at The London Palladium, so go figure!)


This lawsuit will never go anywhere, but I am pretty pissed about how late she’s going on as well. I’m not made of money. I now have to get a hotel near the venue and pay a babysitter to spend the night. I could have upgraded my tickets for the added expense! If she were an hour late, I could easily forgive that, but stating the start time is 10:30 (though I hear it’s really 11:30) is just stupid. There, I said it. You may be the queen, but the subjects need their rest too.

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