Madonna Is Secretly an Art World Influencer
Madame ❌ Is almost ready


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Bob Amos

THis is ridiclous- how are people going to know where they are sitting if they have to put the phone with their mobile ticket away? This won't work well.

Also, tried to see my ticket at below face value on ticketmaster resale and the site makes the minimum price 2x what I paid for it so they can make money on fees.

All of this for 70% new music


Madonna ain't having any bull shit.


@jeffrey: The irony is the hypocrisy of M... who herself has been called out a number of times for using her phone (excessively) to the distraction of others in movies and shows. Just saying...


Hmmmmm. Methinks M is more concerned about too many close-up photos, giving how small these venues are... ;-)


This is a great idea. It should be used at every concert, movie theater, broadway show etc..
The rudeness of people and their cell phones is completely out of control.

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