Two more Lisbon concerts added to kick off European leg of #MadameXtour
Madame X rehearsals move into the Brooklyn Academy of Music theatre

First three dates of Madame X Tour cancelled: only two dates rescheduled have issued this statement with regards to the very disappointing news that the first three dates of the Madame X Tour have been cancelled, throwing many dedicated fans travel/hotel and dreams to the wall:

As a result of the highly specialized production elements being delayed, Live Nation has confirmed that the first 3 concerts of Madonna’s Madame X Tour have been delayed and that the tour will now start on Tuesday, September 17th at the BAM Howard Gilman Opera House.

The shows previously scheduled for September 12th and 14th at the BAM Howard Gilman Opera House have been rescheduled to October 10th and 12th respectively.

Tickets for the September 12th performance will be honored at the October 10th event.

Tickets for the previously scheduled September 14th concert will be honored at the October 12th show.

Refunds for either date if required will available via the original ticket purchase link accessed either via desktop or mobile.

Unfortunately, due to scheduling limitations and venue availability, the show previously scheduled for September 15th is cancelled and refunds will be automatically issued to fans with tickets to this show.

Statement from Madonna:

'Madame ❌ Is a perfectionist and wants to give you the most unique, magical, and musical experience. She underestimated the amount of time it would take to bring this kind of intimate theatrical experience to you and wants it to be perfect!!! Thank you so much for your understanding.'

Fans requiring additional information may contact Ticketmaster as follows:
- Customer Support Info:
- Email:
- Phone: 800-653-8000

Ticketmaster Fan Support Hours (local time) Mon - Fri: 9 AM - 9 PM / Sat: 9 AM - 8 PM / Sun: 9 AM - 6 PM


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@Steve: By her own admission, she's an "Unapologetic Bitch"...!


It's a pain in the rear to get around in NYC on the weekends because of subway construction.
Combined with the high chance that the concert will start late, so end late, and that most of her fans are older with jobs and kids now, who can attend? Make sense that the Sunday date, 11/15, is cancelled. Perhaps, they will think OUT OF THE BOX and have 2 P.M. concerts on weekends.


Yes she rescheduled her Miami and Atlanta dates for the rebel heart tour which were supposed to be the first two American dates of the tour. They were pushed back to January of 2015 and then she shows up on stage in Atlanta at 10:50 pm. I am a hardcore fan of hers and all was forgiven once the incredible show started, but by the end it seemed half the arena had left because the public trains stopped running before the end of the show. I hope she doesn't disrespect her fans on this tour that way. I had looked into traveling to New York for a couple days just for the concert and I almost got a ticket for the first show, but I didn't and I am so glad I didn't because I would have been really ticked off having that date rescheduled. Total lack of respect for these hardcore fans paying exhorbitant ticket prices and then having the first two shows rescheduled and the third outright cancelled. I think she went the theatre route this time because she knows she wouldn't sell out arenas this time as a previous person pointed out because she has alienated the casual fan by not performing many hits during her shows and then when she does she completely rearranges the songs. The only way I think that she will have another massive sellout tour in arenas is if she does a greatest hits tour and performs the songs as originally recorded. Unfortunately she is stuck on performing mostly new music and not interested in giving all her fans (hardcore and casual), what they want. As long as that is her mentality she will (I'm afraid and sad to say this) never play to sold out arenas again. As much as I love Madonna and will continue to buy her new music I truly want to see her perform all her biggest hits as recorded. Sadly I don't think that will ever happen.


absolutely agree with all these comments!!! ive been a fan from day one-& been to all tours etc--but no way am i paying nearly £400 for a ticket!!! she has completely lost touch with the real world--most of her fans are over 40 & have far more important prioroties!! With travel,accomodation & food,it would be close on a £1000!!!!! ive said from day one,she'll start cancelling dates & blame something--anything--but poor ticket sales!!! ive no doubt there'll be more too come!!! you can literally still buy tickets for any date--if youre willing to pay the over inflated price!!! I will be amazed if those 15 dates in London,stay as 15 dates!! & as everyones mentioned--her total disrespect for fans,with the lateness!!!! This will be the first time i will not be going to see her--& also the first time i have not bought her album!!! i have listened to it several times-& with the exception of God Control,& I dont Search,I Find---i personally think its dreadful!!! soooooooo much auto tuning,so much nonesense-& almost every song referances Like a Prayer--she needs to start hanging out with people who tell her the truth instead of kissing her arse.xx


She did exactly the same with the last tour. You'd think after 34 years of touring she'd have learnt about scheduling by now. If ticket sales are poor for this tour it's hardly surprising: she has annoyed the casual fans for tour after tour with her late starts and lack of hits and now only has the hardcore base left. Trouble is many of them, (including me), are not going to take the risk of paying £500 to watch a show that is mostly mimed and then miss the train home due to her diva antics. Yes, I love the new album and it's a shame it's made no impact whatsoever with the wider public but she has got what she deserved. Unless she can reign in that massive ego, (and it's getting very late for that), she is going to have a miserable old age.


HER TARDINESS IS DISRESPECTFUL. I gave up on seeing her on tour a long time ago because of her tardiness. Time is money; it works BOTH ways. It is cheaper to just get the DVD, which gives the viewer the best views anyway and can be watched over and over, like when you are stuck in bed with the flu.! Madge, have a great tour, have a safe tour, and I hope you show RESPECT for your fans' time.


PLUS I've noticed Madonna now refers to Madame X in the third person, so she has somebody else to blame! LOL


Much as I love Madonna, wild Horses wouldn't get my husband to see Madonna live again with all its concomitant costs. Saw Rebel H tour twice, Amsterdam and Manchester: both times at least 90 minutes late and the plug was pulled before encores. At the Ziggo Arena in Amsterdam, which is at the end of a train line, which closed at 11, M stood on stage declaring "Who cares about your motherfucking trains!" ... "Are you in my gang or not!!" (No, said my beloved.) "If you're going to complain, don't come to my motherfucking shows!" she roundly finished off. OK, we thought, we'll keep that advice in mind. PS: LOVE the Madame X album tho. xx 😃


I think M has lost complete touch with the real world. She has been so rich for so long, she has no concept of normal life expenses. I'd be very surprised if other shows aren't cancelled, as ticket sales, especially in London, have been so low due to the insane prices.
At this stage the only people who have any interest in anything she does are her very hardcore fan base. And if she starts pissing them off she may as well call it quits.
BTW I count myself as one of those hardcore fans and will be going to see her in Paris.


Madonna = lazy, unorganized, unsympathetic


This does not surprise me, as I heard from a close source some time that the same thing may happen in London. If it does, then it is nothing to do with "perfectionism" and the staging; no, more like poor ticket sales. I am fast starting to lose patience with M: on her tours, she deigns to turn up on stage when it suits her, and these dates being cancelled/rescheduled - and not due to ill health, etc. - mean that many fans will be out of pocket for hotels, travel costs, vacation booked, etc. One thing's for sure: in making this announcement, she has sure set the bar high and the expectations for The Madame X Tour are going to be HUGE. I have decided to travel to London next year to see Madame X rather than in my home town of NY and I have booked my flights and my accommodation. I will be mightily pi$$ed if she starts rescheduling/cancelling.

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