Even with one eye Madame ❌ can see the charlatans
Madame X Poster in Hong Kong

Madonna slams ‘misogynistic’ haters following raunchy previews of Madame X tour

Madonna refuses to take hate from anyone, including those who made negative comments after she posted a provocative video on Instagram. The pop queen, who recently launched her Madame X radio station on SiriusXM, was having none of it when haters flooded into the comments of a video she posted showing her preparing for her upcoming tour.

In the video, a rehearsal for her Madame X tour, Madonna is writhing around on the floor in a huge tube wearing her new eye-patch look. And not everyone took well to it. The Like A Virgin singer had been sharing sneak peeks of her tour on Instagram but is not pleased with the backlash she has received. So she decided to take to social media to sort it out and did not hold back. ‘Madame X is a history professor,’ she wrote in an Instagram caption. ‘PS. IG police other wise known as women-hating misogynistic bigots can F**k off!!!!!

‘Your fear of what I represent is palpable and the fact that you follow me and take the time to make remarks is an advertisement for your stupidity – ignorance and intolerance for that which is different. ‘If I am not relevant then prove it. Stop following me. Lol.'

The Like A Virgin star didn’t let trolls get her down as her very next Instagram post showed a snippet of her sexy dancing with the caption: ‘We brush off b*****s… trying to steal our light…they did not earn…🐍🐍🐍🐍 #madamex #rehearsals. #paybackisab***h’ And the Material Girl singer has also posted some tongue-in-cheek footage of her getting ready for a rehearsal where she’s combing her locks. Putting on a forced British accent, the star explains she’s combing her ‘naturally wavy’ hair and asks ‘do I look like Rita Hayworth or Greta Garbo?’ referring to the famous Hollywood actresses in the thirties and forties.

From Metro.co.uk


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