Premiere Of Madonna’s 'Batuka' Video & Hear From The Woman Herself
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Madonna Addresses Portugal's Haunting Past in 'Batuka' Video

Madonna unveiled her new video for 'Batuka' from Madame X on Friday (July 19).

,P. The visual begins with a message: 'Batuque is a style of music created by women that originated in Cape Verde, some say the birth place of slave trade.'

'The drums were condemned by the Church and taken away from the slaves because it was considered an act of rebellion,' it continues. 'The women continued their singing and dancing and the Batuque lives on today.'

The video, which was filmed off the coast of Lisbon and references its brutal history, shows the strong women of the orchestra as they dance, sing, and support one another.

'Batuka' was directed by Emmanuel Adjei and stars the Orquestra Batukadeiras, an all-female orchestra based in Portugal.

So far, this is the sixth video from Madame X, which debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 last month.



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John Stevenson

Nice song, but why isn't Madonna dressed like the others?
Shame on her for wanting to blow up the White House.

Rabbit Bunny

Batuka is a beautiful song because Madonna is speaking out against POTUS Trump!


I love this video; it is Madonna at her exhilarating best. When the first 4 tracks from Madame X previewed, frankly I didn't get it. BUT how wrong I was: the album as a whole has swept me away, swept to the top of my Madonna favourites. I LOVE IT. I listened to it relentlessly when I was holidaying in Chiang Rai, and each subsequent listen transports me back there. TMI huh.

Madonna, you remain the biggest star in the world.

(Mouth closed, I don't want your opinion, who you talking to?
Stand out, no I don't wanna blend in, why you want me to?)

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