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Events: 4th Annual NYC Madonna Boat Party

4th Annual Madonna Boat Party!

August 15th at 7pm!

Let’s celebrate Madonna's Birthday on a party cruise around Manhattan. It’s our 4th year bringing Madonna fans together on a boat brought to you by Madonnathonnyc.

Free Madonna Giveaways all night, Free Birthday Cake ,2 levels of 100% Madonna dancefloor,Cash bar and Buffet options available and of course only the best Madonna music with DJ JENE! 🛥🗽🎁🎈🎂🎉🎊

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Jean Paul Gaultier proposed to Madonna three times

Jean Paul Gaultier is a persistent man.

The fashion designer, 67, made an appearance on the British talk show 'This Morning' on Wednesday to celebrate his 50 years of working in the industry, confessing that he loves Madonna so much he proposed to her multiple times.

When asked by one of the hosts if he was in love with the 60-year-old pop icon, Gaultier said, 'I was kind of, I asked her to marry me three times … and she said no.'

But despite the Material Girl’s repeated refusals, the pair have remained close friends and continue to work together.

Gaultier designed many of the looks for her 2012 “MDNA” tour, and they even attended the 2018 'Heavenly Bodies' Met Gala as each other’s dates for the evening.

He also added that the famous cone bra he designed for the 'Like a Prayer' singer originally wasn’t made for her at all.

'I actually didn’t create the bra initially for her,' Gaultier explained. 'I have a teddy bear called Nanna and created it for her.'

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Events: 14th Brisbane Madonna Party


Wickham Hotel, Fortitude Valley

Australia's longest-running Madonna party celebrates the Queen of Pop's birthday and 30 years of the LIKE A PRAYER album. Strike a pose and get into the groove as upstairs at The Wickham Hotel is transformed into a dance club playing only the music of Madonna - 1980s, 1990s, Noughties and Now!

Grab a drink from the bar, chill-out, meet other fans and check out a fan-compiled video retrospective of Madonna rare clips, performance footage and music videos

8.30PM - 12.30AM
Our DJ brings us a dance party playing nothing but the best music of Madonna - the greatest hits and fan favourites. From 'Everybody' to the songs of 'Madame X'.

With licensed bar, roving photographers, themed artwork & more!

Pre-book tickets online at


Patrick Leonard publishes LAP demos online to thwart auction: 'Not theirs to sell'

Patrick Leonard has published three demos from the Like A Prayer album on YouTube in an attempt to thwart the sale of demo tapes at an online auction:

The demo of Cherish from the day it was written. I hope these posts stop the sale of that cassette at auction. Not cool at all that someone would sell it. Not theirs to sell.

This demo 'Angels With Dirty Faces' and others from Like a Prayer are being auctioned between 7/17-7/22-19. Here it is for free. PL

Madonna Addresses Portugal's Haunting Past in 'Batuka' Video

Madonna unveiled her new video for 'Batuka' from Madame X on Friday (July 19).

,P. The visual begins with a message: 'Batuque is a style of music created by women that originated in Cape Verde, some say the birth place of slave trade.'

'The drums were condemned by the Church and taken away from the slaves because it was considered an act of rebellion,' it continues. 'The women continued their singing and dancing and the Batuque lives on today.'

The video, which was filmed off the coast of Lisbon and references its brutal history, shows the strong women of the orchestra as they dance, sing, and support one another.

'Batuka' was directed by Emmanuel Adjei and stars the Orquestra Batukadeiras, an all-female orchestra based in Portugal.

So far, this is the sixth video from Madame X, which debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 last month.


Premiere Of Madonna’s 'Batuka' Video & Hear From The Woman Herself

Madonna is emailing me, and I’m totally fine. Madonna Louise Veronica Ciccone. She’s been the wallpaper on my phone, my dance tutor, the inspiration for long-expired passwords, and now we’re emailing. Through intermediaries, and there’s no FaceTime in the cards, but still. An artist and (I usually hate this word) icon I’ve loved, celebrated, analysed, cited and defended for 35 years, is answering some of my questions. Everything is absolutely chill, and I’m breathing normally. Keep your smelling salts.


The occasion: Refinery29 is exclusively premiering the video for “Batuka,” off Madame X, Madonna’s fourteenth studio album, which debuted at #1 last month on the Billboard 200. Like many critics and fans, I find Madame X to be particularly beautiful — her most cohesive and visionary LP since 2005’s disco opus Confessions on a Dance Floor, and her weirdest, most emotional dare since 2003’s woefully dismissed classic American Life.(Did I mention I’m a fan?)

Even more than Bush-era American Life, Madame X finds Madonna reckoning with a bleak global moment as she considers her own remarkable history. This time, much of the sound was inspired by the superstar’s extended time with her children in Portugal, where she immersed herself in, and then interpreted, a range of musical traditions local to the region. That includes batuque, a style that emphasises drumming, singing, and dancing, which was created by Black women from the island of Cape Verde, a former Portuguese colony with a central role in the slave trade.

“Batuka” — a defiant, joyful cry for rebellion with a rousing call-and-response structure — is Madonna’s collaboration with the all-women Orquestra Batukadeiras, and they join her in the striking video, directed by Emmanuel Adjei and filmed off the coast of Lisbon. “I found them to be so strong, authentic, soulful, loving, generous, and kind,” Madonna told Refinery29 of her collaborators.

The sixth video (so far) during this very cinematic Madame X era finds Madonna in a jam session with the Orquestra, with haunting shots of the coastline that reference the area’s brutal history. We also get to marvel at stunning closeups of the women in the Orquestra — as well at the Queen of Pop dancing freestyle in a floral dress and combat boots. An undisputed master and innovator of the form since the advent of MTV in the 1980s (see: “Material Girl,” “Papa Don’t Preach,” “Express Yourself,” “Vogue”), Madonna, with “Batuka,” has now starred in over 75 music videos.


Here’s what Madonna told Refinery29 about recording and filming “Batuka,” working with the women, her own forgotten history of drumming, and more. It’s all very casual.

Refinery29: In the Inside Madame X short film, you spoke a bit about discovering Batuque and the Orquestra Batukadeiras, and then collaborating with the women on this song. What did these women teach you?
Madonna: “I learned a great deal from these women. Many of them came from very economically challenged backgrounds, without access to formal education. The ways we measure achievement and success in our conventional society fails to capture their singular brilliance and strength. I found them to be so strong, authentic, soulful, loving, generous, and kind. You can’t learn these things in school. They taught me those things. It’s a tough world out there, and it’s inspiring to work with people who have been through the struggle but still manage to manifest and share joy with us all. That was a big part of the lesson.”

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Madonna slams ‘misogynistic’ haters following raunchy previews of Madame X tour

Madonna refuses to take hate from anyone, including those who made negative comments after she posted a provocative video on Instagram. The pop queen, who recently launched her Madame X radio station on SiriusXM, was having none of it when haters flooded into the comments of a video she posted showing her preparing for her upcoming tour.

In the video, a rehearsal for her Madame X tour, Madonna is writhing around on the floor in a huge tube wearing her new eye-patch look. And not everyone took well to it. The Like A Virgin singer had been sharing sneak peeks of her tour on Instagram but is not pleased with the backlash she has received. So she decided to take to social media to sort it out and did not hold back. ‘Madame X is a history professor,’ she wrote in an Instagram caption. ‘PS. IG police other wise known as women-hating misogynistic bigots can F**k off!!!!!

‘Your fear of what I represent is palpable and the fact that you follow me and take the time to make remarks is an advertisement for your stupidity – ignorance and intolerance for that which is different. ‘If I am not relevant then prove it. Stop following me. Lol.'

The Like A Virgin star didn’t let trolls get her down as her very next Instagram post showed a snippet of her sexy dancing with the caption: ‘We brush off b*****s… trying to steal our light…they did not earn…🐍🐍🐍🐍 #madamex #rehearsals. #paybackisab***h’ And the Material Girl singer has also posted some tongue-in-cheek footage of her getting ready for a rehearsal where she’s combing her locks. Putting on a forced British accent, the star explains she’s combing her ‘naturally wavy’ hair and asks ‘do I look like Rita Hayworth or Greta Garbo?’ referring to the famous Hollywood actresses in the thirties and forties.


Tupac’s letter to Madonna finally being auctioned, expected to sell for $300,000

The letter written by rapper Tupac Shakur to Madonna, ending their apparent romance back in 1995 is due to be auctioned off for quite the hefty price tag after years of legal battles.

Written in January 1995, the note scrawled by the Changes performer called time on his relationship with the Material Girl, owing to the perception he might receive dating an ‘older white woman’. Tupac poured his heart out in the note, written while he was in prison, in which he asked Madonna for friendship and wondered whether she might visit him so they could speak face to face.


After years of back and forth, in which Madonna had demanded the letter be returned to her, it’s now due to be auctioned off next week, with bidding starting at $100,000 (£79,000).

In 2017 Madonna filed court documents which halted the auction of the sale of the letter by Darlene Lutz, claiming it had been stolen from her. However, last month, TMZ obtained court documents that claimed the case had been thrown out and the letter was free to be sold. It will now go under the hammer on 17 July, with pundits expecting it to fetch $300,000 (£239,000).


Madonna capped off WorldPride with powerful message during concert at 'Pride Island'

All it took was a 30-minute concert for Madonna to deliver her powerful sentiments in support of the LGBTQ community during her performance to close out WorldPride.

Thousands of people flocked to Pier 97 in New York City, also known as 'Pride Island,' to see the icon put on her four-song set. The concert ended a month of festivities for WorldPride, including the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall Riots on June 28 that sparked the gay liberation movement.


'Fifty years of revolution,' Madonna said to the crowd between songs. 'Fifty years of freedom and fighting. Fifty years of putting up with discrimination, hatred and ignorance. Fifty years of not bowing down to fear. I’m so proud and honored to share this historical event with you. Fifty [expletive] years. It’s insane. Are you with me?'

The singer went on to give background as to why she shares a special bond with the LGBTQ community.

'Since I came to New York as a wee-little girl, I have always been embraced by queer nation,' Madonna continued. 'I always felt like an outsider, but you made me feel like an insider, like somebody. So you must know how much I love and appreciate everyone here from the LGBTQ community.'

Madonna opened the show with her smash hit 'Vogue,' followed by a guitar-led rendition of 'American Life' before showing off the singer's new material in the second half of her act.


Before performing her new songs 'God Control' and 'I Rise,' the singer spoke candidly with the crowd about the biggest issues facing America.

She listed gun safety as a major issue: 'Gun safety and gun control which is disproportionately affecting marginalized communities.'

Her performance of 'God Control' featured her background dancers dressed as police officers, while 'I Rise' showcased images of the young students who were at the forefront of the March for Our Lives movement.


Many fans and supporters of the LGBTQ community attended the packed celebration. Comedian Billy Eichner, 'Pose' star Billy Porter and Frankie Grande, brother of singer Ariana, made appearances.

'I’m beyond grateful right now. world pride was everything i could have asked for… celebrated at pride island with @Madonna…w/ my loving boyfriend at my side… & completely SOBER!,' Grande tweeted from the concert.

From USA Today