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Win a chance to attend a Madonna soundcheck in London!

Madonna will be inviting 150 fans (each with a +1) to attend soundcheck in London during her residency at The Palladium in 2020, an incredibly rare experience that has only ever happened a few times in her career. Enter to attend this once in a lifetime event by simply purchasing* (read the terms and conditions) any version of Madame X here by 5pm on Thursday 20th June. Successful fans will be notified on Friday 28th June. Please note the prize does not include a ticket for the show, just the opportunity to attend the soundcheck.

Enter at



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Have you all had your emails to advise you will receive a Madame X VIP book in place of the soundcheck?
A poor consolation prize but hey ho! Nothing surprises me now.
Ive chased them again as it was supposed to ship LAST Monday and still no sign of it.
So so unprofessional and disrespectful to fans.


@Dee: Nothing connected with M surprises me now - and not in a good way. Any health issues aside, her erratic, disgraceful and disrespectful behaviour on this tour has left a very bad taste in many people's mouths. My friends went to see the show at The Palladium on Saturday, she came on just before 9pm and did the full show; I went Sunday night, she came on after 9.30pm and cut out most of the first act (she started with Vogue). We all paid the same ticket price, yet some of us got a much shorter show. This clearly isn't fair in the real world, but it is apparently in M's privileged bubble of a world. My days of supporting (and defending) M - and going to see her "live" in particular - are now over.


They have withdrawn the prize even though they asked us to buy a copy of madame x to be able to enter! Is this even legal? Her record company are a disgrace. I spoke to them on the phone they are SO rude!


I won a place and didn't hear anything yet either. Legal action if she doesn't follow through with the competition?


Has anyone heard any more? I am so annoyed


Has anyone been to soundcheck or heard anything?


I also won a place at the soundcheck but haven't heard anything yet.


No news yet


Any news on the date it will be hoping it’s the same day we go to the show at the palladium


Hi I won a chance to see a soundcheck and am eagerly waiting to find out when !

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