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Fan Report: When Madonna taught me the butterfly move!

Madonnalicious reader Dean was the lucky audience member to be selected to ask a question at the Alexandra Palace event last night....and his question was one of the highlights of the night. Could Madonna teach him the 'Butterfly' move from the Medellin video? Here is Dean's story:

I’ve been a fan for years, I first saw Madonna on the Who’s That Girl tour in 1987 in Roundhay Park and have seen every tour since.

My eight year old daughter Stevie loves her and is obsessed with the whole Madame X persona. One day she came down with her three year old brother’s pirate eye patch that she had drawn a red X on with nail polish and wore it for weeks. She knows all the words and moves but couldn’t do the butterfly move.
I saw the competition and told her that we would enter and she could ask Madonna to teach it to her. We won the tickets but it was 18 years old only so she couldn’t come and was v v disappointed. I told Stevie that I would ask Madonna to teach me and that I could then teach her. I never thought it would actually happen!!!!

When they called out my name and Madonna asked me on stage I was surprisingly composed. Madonna was very calming and welcoming, as you saw. I shook then kissed her hand. I didn’t need to be asked to bend the knee...

The dance move was really difficult. I don’t know how she does that and sings at the same time. Up close, kissing distance, as I was she is so beautiful. She looks exactly like she did back in 1987 on the Who’s That Girl tour only with an eye patch. The big beautiful eyes, the perfect complexion. So so beautiful.
I know I’m very lucky to have danced with her on stage, kissed an icon and had the most famous woman on the planet say my name TWICE!!!!

I just wish that I had a better picture as mine is all fuzzy. If any of your readers do can they please email to to me at [email protected] as I’d love one for a frame and my eight year old daughter wants one to take to her Show and Tell at school.


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Graham Clarke

Dean, I was the guy who was sat behind you, that congratulated you once you got back to your seat. I wish I had filmed it for you. Does anyone know why it was filmed professionally and where it might be shown?

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