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An Audience at Ally Pally with #MadameX

We had an amazing time at Alexandra Palace on Thursday night. After three days of talking to the press Madonna seemed to enjoy taking questions from fans. The venue, an old Victorian theatre recently restored, was a beautiful site.



These huge billboards were at the venue, we tried to drag one home as they were really light, but it was a bit difficult and wouldn't fit on the bus!


The whole event that was filmed, and we hope it will be broadcast in its entirety (and not just the snippets that have been released on Instagram) as it showed a relaxed and comfortable Madonna interacting with her fans. All the questions were fan-asked and Graham Norton was only really there to moderate the event.


Madonna's Instagram has now released these two clips, including Dean's dance with Madonna - read his exclusive story with madonnalicious here: madonnalicious/fan-report-when-madonna-taught-me-the-butterfly-move.


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