Madonna performs at Eurovision flanked by 30 dancers dressed as monks
Madonna makes a statement at Eurovision


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I must admit it wasn't the Queens best performance, not sure if it was nerves or just bad sound. Also thought her song Future wasn't her best work... more of an album filler. I'm not hating she is still #1 in my books.


While I have liked all the new songs, I have only loved I Rise, I am really getting tired of the auto tune. This performance was lackluster at Best. Like a Prayer was a redo of her Met Ball Gala performance. I was getting really excited about the new cd, but now I am feeling underwhelmed. There is no heart or soul in these new songs. It's all very robotic. I'm still looking forward to the new album but not with the enthusiasm that I once was. I have my bundle pre ordered through, and I have the deluxe cd from Target pre ordered, but I'm kinda glad now that she is not coming to Atlanta on this tour, because I might have skipped it. And that makes me very sad to even think that because I am a hardcore, die hard fan of Madonna. I'm hoping the other new songs are better than what has been released so far. I guess we shall see (or should I say hear) on June 14th. Hoping for the best, bracing for underwhelming.

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