BBMAs: Medellin by Madonna and Maluma
Madonna's New Track 'I Rise' Is a Stonewall Tribute


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Rabbit Bunny

I Rise-Ranks with Live to Tell, Something to Remember and Ghost Town as one of her best ballads!

Jeffrey Kalfut

OMG! This is a phenomenal song! I'm really getting excited for the new cd, can't wait for its release.

Brody Lowe

Madonna dear , Can you not think another tune or melody ? or something your vocal stands out.

this is very very flat and just dead boring . I will be looking forward for SOLTERA first single by MALUMA to be release May 17.

featuring Madonna . sounds interesting and new sounds.

here is my review in MEDELLIN

"come with me lets take a trip "

"come with me ill be good for you "

repeatedly ,

these stanza - flat - totally misblend from the melody of the song

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