One hour to go....
Medellin Video to premiere on 24 April


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I am in the deepest love with this song. It lacks any cynicism or politics - just joy, discovery, self-realization + sexy affection. I love how Madonna and Mirwais elevate Maluma to a musical place he's never been - I believe him when he says it's changed his life. I love the melody - the FU choice to let it be mostly in Spanish and feature Maluma so prominently, which is awesome. It's a modern, psychedelic masterpiece - "We built a cartel just for love" is such a beautiful line - I'm sure it's this aspect of the song that some younger people may not have the life experience to appreciate (I'm 46 :). I LOVE Mirwais' production style - how his French electronic preciseness has all its beautiful edges softened into an intoxicating, sparkling nectar. I could go on. Summary: it's my favorite, most addictive song since Music.


There’s no any need in this Colombian so-called singer at all. Want to cut him off the record(( Disappointing. Think the same shit will be with other “star” - Anitta.


it is genius! I have had it on repeat since I got home from work.



Darrell Murphy

Love it, fresh, different yet classic Madge


I'm intrigued by the concept of the new album, I feel like, at this point in the rollout, the concept seems to be a better packaged look and feel than the previous two albums. Upon first listen, the song doesn't call to me, but that is almost always the case for a new Madonna song and I come around later. Historically, I typically end up falling in love with the second single of each album ("Deeper and Deeper", "Take a Bow", "Ray of Light", "Don't Tell Me", "Hollywood", "Girl Gone Wild") without a second listen. Thanks for asking Claire (webmaster)!


I don like it.....too much not Madonna style. All is marketing....the lyric is a disaster!


It's So cool, sophisticated, refreshing, fun and sexy and kinda nostalgic but in a light way, I love it!!! And in response to the first comment the song was simultaneously also added on YouTube.


I love M but I'm not getting Spotify. Sorry.

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