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Madonna hosts LA spin class ahead of annual Oscars bash

US radio sources comment on new Madonna tracks

Sources in US radio are saying they have heard three tracks from Madonna's new album, and are quoted as saying the tracks are 'very Madonna, portuguese/international influence....she's back!'

I know this information is vague, but it is still exciting! But no leaks please!

The first single is expected to drop in May with the album to follow in June.


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who cares if its played or not...i know my taste are far removed from radio pop. It will be a big hit for me, just like all her music...anywho, i am here to complain that i cant wait till May...! i am going crazy with these teases...first it was jan, then May! damn damn damn....i cant wait any longer. i need someone to put me to sleep and wake me up when it comes out...seriously. This is some kinda of torture..."she is hurting the ones she loves" take it away! lol.

Rabbit Bunny

I agree with Jeff and Stephen. The new M record will be another Detroit masterpiece but it's doubtful Radio's gonna play it!




But will US radio play her songs?


Come on US you'll even play her new music. I'm sure M would love a radio hit but I find it hard to believe that they'll give her the time of day, no matter how great the music turns out.

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