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Cher Shades Madonna, Says She’d Never Want to Duet With Her

Cher is the Queen of Shade!

The 72-year-old pop star has some fun teasing Madonna on Monday's episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show when she and the talk show host play the '5 Second Rule' game, and are given only five seconds to answer three questions.

When asked for three stars she’d like to duet with, Cher responds, 'Adele, Pink and not Madonna!'

Cher has a long history of giving her candid opinions about Madonna. In a 1991 interview with Steve Kmetko, the 'Believe' musician didn't hold back sharing what she really thought of the 60-year-old 'Material Girl' singer.

'There’s something about her that I don’t like. She’s mean, and I don’t like that,' she said at the time. 'I remember having her over to my house a couple of times because Sean [Penn] (Madonna's ex-husband) and I were friends, and she just was so rude to everybody. It seems to me that she’s got so much that she doesn’t have to act the way that she acts, like a spoiled brat all the time. It seems to me that when you’ve reached the kind of acclaim that she’s reached, and can do whatever you want to do, you should be a little more magnanimous and be a little less of a c**t.'

By 2013, Cher had changed her tune when talking to Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live. 'I’m totally good with Madonna!' she insisted. 'Madge and I have gone through our thing, but no, I’m totally good with her.'

From Entertainment Tonight! Via Yahoo! News


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Ummm, no.

Oh, please! A grown, mentally healthy adult does not need to do all that you stated to deal with another person's opinion. Madge is not a Snowflake. She's not the only who has sold records and done charity work.

Kevin N

Take the high road Madonna. Remember your training and learning from Kabbalah and your previous statements in “I’m Going To Tell You A Secret.” You’re being tested (if that helps) so how you respond is a test of what you have learned and how deeply you have learned. And 300 - 500 million records sold all the number ones all the top ten hits (really quite staggering), etc speak for themselves. No one can take that away from you. Not to mention you’re support of LGBTQ rights and individuals and you’re support of people with HIV/AIDS, and you’re work in Malawi. So take a deep breath... maybe some yoga or a nice walk. And then choose a high response filled with understanding, respect and love. Or choose not to respond at all.

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