Madonna Gets Fed Up With FedEx For Not Believing Who She Is
Madonna and family on the cover of People magazine


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I had no issue with the Blu ray disc. I do, however, have an issue with the appalling way this concert has been filmed and edited. This is the worst visual recording of a Madonna concert yet.


Well I got my bluray today and I am ticked off. It was defective, would not even load in the player. I tried other bluray and dvds I have and they all loaded and played fine. Tried to load the bluray a sixth time and it would not load. The bluray player said it could not load disc, check disc and opened up. I called live nation and it is being returned and exchanged tomorrow. Hopefully there is not an issue with all of the bluray of the tour, especially after waiting so long to finally get this. I'm so frustrated. Anyone else have an issue with the bluray?

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