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Just watched the showtime concert last night. I was at the Atlanta show and it was epic, unfortunately I cannot say the same about this event. When oh when will she quit effin with the editing?!? This is so frantically edited I thought I might have a seizure. What is up with all the background video being front and center? And the black and white portion was just as annoying here as on the mdna DVD. And don't even get me started on the multiple cities performances with different outfits during one song, and the unapologetic bitch performance editing was a nightmare. The slow motion capture just took you right out of the moment. So disappointed in this. I hope she goes back to the drawing board before releasing this on blu ray. She needs to go back and watch her dvds or vhs tapes of the virgin tour, the blond ambition tour, the girlie show tour and the confessions tour. Those are exceptional releases of her concerts the way they should be, not with all this artistic bs. Give us fans what we want and deserve, a straight up phenomenal bluray of the most excellent rebel heart tour, because the showtime concert was the exact opposite of that.


I saw the show in Berlin and Amsterdam. I loved it. The best of her tour I have ever seen.
But the film is to hectic and overproduced. The shots change so quickly that I cannot follow the action. It very annoying.
I'm glad that I saw it twice live. Because from that Showtime production I would have get just headache. Feel very sorry for that beacuse I was waiting for that film. 😭😭😭😭


I am a true all around fan, and have seen M the last 5 tours and have all of her music.
I was anxiously waiting for this tour to be released, and couldn't wait to see it. Unfortunately, I was so disappointed with how this show was recorded, and edited.
From the minute it started, I was like, ah oh, this doesn't look right.......and it wasn't.
Why all the non stop editing ? I don't understand. Its so not necessary. The same applause sound throughout the whole show ?
Well, at least I saw it before I went out and purchased it.


Definitely one of the worst as far as editing. Way too visually busy, and any jumps, fast movements or spins were slowed down. I wanted to see Girlie Show style editing. Plus combining more than one shows performance into a song feels sloppy. The tour was great in person but this production was a big disappointment to me.


Where can we watch this in the uk?


The editing was outstanding. I felt like I was seeing her live again. It was nice to relive all the memories all over. I wish she hadn't cut "Love Don't Live Here Anymore" from the DVD. That performance was superb live and her vocals were amazing... All in all i'd give it a 4.5 out of 5... This was definetly one of her best tours!

Glenn Doherty

A killer show full of showmanship, talent, energy and LOVE.....Long live the Queen!


Way too overproduced for my liking. There were freeze frames, over edited shots, and an entire number in black and white. Saw the show live, and she, and it was amazing. Would like to have seen an entire concert from beginning to end, with minimal editing. Also was expecting Ghosttown to be included. One of the best songs ever.

Lucija Janković


Joanne Pollard

Pure Entertainment. Madonna taking her auidiance by the hand and leading them through a mystical journey. Does this super human Lady ever come up for air? I have loved her from her first appearance and will be devoted until her Last! God Bless You Madonna in all that you do! xxxxxxxxxxx


I loved the Rebel Heart Tour. I've been to every Madonna Tour since Blond Ambition and this was one of my favorites. That said, I was kind of annoyed/disappointed with the Showtime film of the tour. It's non-stop editing and seems a bit frenetic. It works for some performances especially the sing alongs like True Blue because the pace is slower, but for many other performances its rather distracting. Don't get me wrong, I loved the concert and loved seeing it again on film - but this is certainly my least favorite concert film footage.

Declercq Jean- Marie

WOW Madonna again on her best!!!!!


Can not wait.

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