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Madonna to play surprise acoustic gig for Hillary Clinton

Madonna has announced she will be playing a last-minute acoustic gig next week in support of Hillary Clinton.

The surprise show will take place in New York City this Monday (November 7), on the eve of the election.

'Bitches Are You In My Gang???' the singer wrote an Instagram post. 'Doing a surprise intimate very small acoustic concert Monday night in support of Hillary. Stay tuned!'

She has yet to announce the gig’s venue or a stage time for her performance.

Madonna endorsed Clinton earlier in the Presidential campaign and showed her support for the Democrat when she introduced Amy Schumer at her recent NYC stand-up gig.

She previously followed Katy Perry’s lead by posting a nude photo on social media to show her support for Clinton.

'Living For Hilary!,' she wrote. 'Yes I vote for intelligence. I vote for equal rights for women and all minorities.'

'She’s the Best we got!' Madonna added. The Presidential election takes place on Tuesday (November 8).



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I hear you Rebel Fart. All except the bit about Trump the shunt.

But Madonna hun, too expensive and put your clothes back on...

Love you, jx

Rabbit Bunny

I Hope she plays Borrowed Time-the most political song Madonna has yet recorded! The writing brilliant and message timeless! Love Madonna!

Rebel Fart

Maybe we'll get to see Madonna french-kissing Hillary this time.

Rebel Fart

You vote for intelligence by posing naked? C'mon, that's stupid Madonna.
And Hillary Clinton can't even secure an e-mail server, so Trump's the best we got.
So no, I'm not with you bitch.
And by the way, charging $300 a show for you to pretend to play the guitar is insulting.
I love you, but get real, babe.

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