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'Human Nature' Saluting the Unapologetic Anthem That Should Have Been a Smash Hit

From 'Vogue' to 'Take a Bow' to 'Ray of Light,' Madonna scored some of her signature hits in the '90s. While most of her '80s pop compatriots struggled to stay on the radio, Madonna more-or-less maintained the same level of stardom throughout the decade, earning just two fewer Billboard Hot 100 top 10 hits in the '90s than she did in the '80s.

But between Bedtime Stories and Evita, Madonna experienced her first real career dip. After several years of hypersexual imagery and songwriting (from the 'Justify My Love' video to the Sex book) and some family-unfriendly public appearances (her 1994 Letterman interview in particular), a portion of the American public was exhausted with her by 1995. Puritanical pop listeners might be OK with a heartfelt plea for keeping a baby, but leather and whips is just too much.

While she soon got back on track with a prestige motion picture (Evita) and an elegant ballad collection (Something to Remember), there was one unfortunate musical casualty of her brief lull: 'Human Nature.'

One of the few hip-hop-inflected singles in her discography (it samples a song from Main Source, the same rap group that gave Nas his first on-wax appearance), 'Human Nature' has a deeply funk foundation while maintaining the spacious, thin production common to many '90s R&B hits.

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Not one of my favorite Madonna songs, the message is great to all her detractors but it is very bland, like most of Bedtime Stories. It's just a very boring and dull listen with a few exceptions such as Secret, Bedtime Story and Survival. I rarely listen to this album. And I hope to never hear Human Nature again at a Madonna concert.


I hate this fucking song!

Chris BG

I remember it was quite unfashionable to like Madonna around that time... Although personally I don't like Human Nature that much, yes, it deserved more success. The album, although fairly good at the time, hasn't really aged that well. Still, two of her best singles are there (Secret and Bedtime Story) and what's probably her worst (Take A Bow).

Rabbit Bunny

What was a chart flop-Human Nature has emerged as a live favorite-and with good reason! Human Nature is a brilliant song by Madonna-one of her best and that's the Ciccone Truth!

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