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Madonna plays off drunk rumours in Instagram post

Madonna says she would never perform at a concert 'high or drunk' in an Instagram post early Tuesday.

The pop star played off the reported rumors that she appeared drunk onstage during her current world tour. She wrote 'too bad people don't know the art of acting and playing a character.'

During Madonna's live set, she plays a character who drinks a shot onstage.

She wrote the post in response to a fan who was defending her on Instagram. She told the fan 'thanks for supporting me.'

Madonna called the claims she was drunk sexist. She wrote: 'Sexism is alive and kicking but i am #livingforlove.'


From Associated Press Via Yahoo! News


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The world is now a very strange place. You can accuse someone like Madonna of being racist, or drunk, and people will believe you. You don't have to be a Madonna fan to know who she is and what she stands for and stands against.

False accusations have always been flying around all public figures, but public credulity is now different. It's as if several decades of the past have been wiped out of collective memory.


The ignorance of these drunk on stage rumours baffles me. The person defending her said it so well. Thank you

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