Sydney Get Ready!
Madonna in Melbourne: No Tears on the Clown!

Liz Smith: Sorry, Haters

Liz Smith takes to task all the haters out there currently criticising Madonna:

Now Madonna, who will end her 'Rebel Heart' tour in a few days, in Sydney, Australia, is embroiled in a terrible custody battle over her and Ritchie's son, Rocco. Madonna is strict, Guy is not. That, apparently, is Rocco's problem. He's 15. Madonna adores her son. She loves all of her children. She's not a perfect person and would be the first to admit it, but she has been a good parent. (She would also admit that like all parents, she has things to learn and accept in that area, too.)

As miserable as this custody issue has made her, the very last thing that she would do is self-destruct. I know there's a contingent out there that wants this super-controlled, phenomenally successful woman to lose it, and become a tragic figure. Just like all the others - Judy and Marilyn and Amy and Billie and Jim Morrison and Janis, etc. Some of these people even claim to be fans! They think she needs to be 'humbled.' Not. Going. To. Happen.

I think it all will work out, but sorry haters - or you people out there who just love a good celebrity tragedy - she's not heading down the road to perdition and/or messy decline. She hasn't worked this hard and this long to allow that to happen.

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And that my friends is why I have been a fan of Madonna since age ten! A strong woman who handles her business with a heavy heart yet a head held high! The only celebrity worth admiring! MLVC!!!

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