Madonna in Melbourne: No Tears on the Clown!
Last pre show Game face!

Final Tour shows In Sydney To Be Filmed

Documenting her return to Australia for the first time in 23 years and saving the best for last, Madonna today announced that she will film her Sydney Australia concerts at the Sydney Olympic Park NSW on March 19th and 20th. These are the final shows of her seven-month Rebel Heart world tour where Madonna has performed 80+ shows in over 20 countries.

Throughout the tour Madonna has pulled several actors, comedians, fans, fellow musicians and even a news anchor to the stage for a special dance as her 'Unapologetic Bitch.' This weekend in Sydney Madonna will choose a few fans as her 'Unapologetic Bitches,' all which will be documented by the taping this weekend.

Danny B. Tull and Nathan Rissman, both of whom have worked extensively with Madonna on her feature films and tour movies, will direct the live video which will be part of a larger project to be released at a later date.



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i have to agree about Madonnas tardiness!!! its so frustrating!!! she was late in Birmingham too (fortunately only about 1/2 an hour)--but any later I wouldn't have got home--& that's not the first time that's happened to me after seeing her.i once had to sleep rough in Euston station as id missed my last train home!i ended up with pneumonia!!could you imagine how she would react if someone kept her waiting????? it would not be tolerated!! she really should have more respect & consideration for us that have keep her going--for over 30 years!! I don't think she even has a good reason most nights--I think she does it deliberately to provoke reaction & keep in the news.i truly do.i understand things happen occasionally to delay start times--but even so.anyways--besides all that--- it was a great tour & I loved how much she interacted with the crowd once she finally got on stage--she really seemed to be enjoying herself--that was a pleasure to witness.heres to the next one--hopefully she'll have a new watch by then lol!!! :) xx


On MDNA she said the stage was her most complex design to date, and that was the reason for the delays. The stage had a very large number of moving elements, most/all of them dangerous.

This tour's stage seems much, much simpler in comparison. I haven't read her or her manager give any reason for the delays on this tour.

It's common courtesy to keep your audience informed about reasons for delays, and expected times of arrival. No-one wants to miss anything, when they've gone to the time and trouble of buying tickets and organising a trip etc to see someone they regard as special.

There should always be someone going on the stage to apologise for the delay, give genuine reasons for it, and provide an ETA. It's professional, courteous and decent. There's never a good reason to keep people in the dark, or treat them as if they, their comfort, their convenience, their time and their money don't matter. They *do* matter, and fans would love her all the more if she/her management kept them informed.

Samantha Lillie

another good reivew! yay!

Samantha Lillie

Thankfully, this articel:

Samantha Lillie

I wish mainstream media would acknowledge what a fantastic tour she put on for us. Why is it so hard for the media to give her credit? Her tour finished last night in Sydney and I am yet to read a positive article to acknowledges the incredible 9-month feat that just ended. Thank you for being so devoted to her. Her real fans are always there for her. One of these days, she'll be appreciated for what she is. One of these days.


I hope she starts on time. As much as I love her and really enjoyed the show her habitual late starts are getting old. She didn't start in Atlanta until 10:54pm. Now I see she started the Brisbane show at 11:22pm. That is UNACCEPTABLE. These ridiculous start times seem to have started on the MDNA tour. She started at 10:30 for that one. The previous tours in Atlanta ( sticky & sweet, reinvention and drowned world) all started around 9:30. The late start times of MDNA put off a lot of casual fans hence the slow ticket sales for this current tour. They eventually sold out, but you could go on ticketmaster the day of show and get tickets. That never happened before and I know her starting so late last time hurt ticket sales this time. She should never start later than 10:00pm. Just my opinion.

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