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Madonna takes on fan on Instagram who questions her motherhood skills

Madonna has just become the world’s most famous troll hunter.

Last night the pop superstar posted a photo of son Rocco, the subject of a custody battle between herself and ex-husband Guy Ritchie.

Madonna posted: 'I miss this boy so full of life so full of love.'

Rocco, 15, left his mother’s Rebel Heart world tour last year to stay with his father in London.

However while most comments on Madonna’s Instagram page were positive, a user called ColetteKlein wrote 'Maybe the kid wants a mom not a queen.'

Unexpectedly, Madonna directly answered back to the account noting 'Well coletteklein he got both. Lucky him.'

After Madonna weighing in on the debate generated more comments about her mothering skills the singer added more posts - 'none of you know what you’re talking about' and 'these are my expressions of love' and 'if you dont have anything nice to say get iff (sic) my page.'

A sheepish ColetteKlein quickly went from keyboard warrior to keyboard worrier and apologised to Madonna.

'I would not in my lifetime want to go through what you’re going through now,' she wrote.

'Especially having an 18 year old son myself. Totally guilty of listening to the media and drawing my own unfounded conclusion....I hope you and Rocco work it out. Which I believe you will because there’s no stronger love than a mother and a son..

ColetteKlein’s account is now private. She has 118 followers and her bio says she loves Roger Federer.

Madonna is on the way to Manila and Singapore with her Rebel Heart tour.

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Good for Madonna for calling these people out.


Easy to have a go at her without really knowing the facts. Madonna you go girl!


Good for Madonna sticking up for herself.

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