Hong Kong Press: Rebel Heart Tour
Will Madonna wear PH flag and break the law?

Madonna dances with HK star Eason Chan on stage

Pop icon Madonna's recent 'Rebel Heart' concert tour in Asia has seen no shortage of talking points, and her latest performance in Macau on Saturday evening (Feb 20) was no exception.

Towards the end of her performance, she again pulled up a member of the audience to dance with her on stage. But this time, the chosen one was not just some lucky fan, but Hong Kong pop star Eason Chan.

The pair not only showed off their dance moves together, but at one point during the routine the Cantopop singer even bent over to allow Madonna to hit and kick his buttocks playfully.

After the song had ended, she then raised his hand before asking: 'What is your name, young man?', obviously unaware that Chan is well-known in Asia as the 'King of Cantopop'.

'My name is Eason,' came his reply. He then further explained: 'Season, without the S.'

The interaction prompted loud cheers from the crowd.

Like her other performances, she also presented Chan with a banana as a 'prize', before asking him to 'lick it up'. At that point, Chan wore a slightly awkward expression, before telling Madonna that his daughter was also in attendance.

According to Sina Entertainment, Chan said that he was very happy to have had the opportunity to share the stage with the 57-year-old 'Queen of Pop'. 'Of course I feel very excited. It is Madonna!' he told reporters when asked about the episode after the event.

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