Madonna's Instagram: 'A Very special night in Bangkok!'
Madonna: 'Days of innocence. How I miss this time.'

Liz Smith: 'Good luck with all this, honey. You are a good girl.'

Madonna's longtime columnist Liz Smith gives her opinion on Madonna's current situation at

I have refrained until now from commenting on the matter of Madonna and her 15-year-old son, Rocco, who has recently declined to return to the United States and live with his mother, preferring the more lackadaisical lifestyle of his father, director Guy Ritchie. (Madonna married Ritchie in 2000. They divorced in 2008 and he - already a wealthy man - took the pop icon for about $75 million bucks.)

I have no inside information, other than the fact that Madonna is crushed by this turn of events. I know her quite well. I have seen her with all four of her children. I have heard her speak privately about them in the most glowing - and intelligent - terms. She is a stickler for education, self-discipline and motivation.

Despite the professional image and stage persona she often embodies, Madonna is a very good mother, and not, appearances to the contrary, a hedonist or self-destructive. No drugs, no drinking, no dissipation. The male company she has kept since her divorce from Ritchie are separate from her role as a mother. She is not given to wild or inappropriate behavior in front of her children, or anyone else, for that matter.

(I, along with others, might roll my eyes at some of the things she wears, or how she presents herself in photo shoots or on Instagram. But that’s not her daily life. She marches to her own drummer and refuses to be categorized or held back by what others think is 'suitable' for a woman of 57. She enjoys making us crazy.)

I am fairly certain that continuing with her current 'Rebel Heart' tour has been agonizing, but it would be out of character for Madonna to cave, give in, give up. And what would it gain her? Bad press, enraged fans, and her son would still be in England.

This unhappy situation will likely sort itself out, but that the situation exists doesn’t surprise me. I wondered what was going on in Guy Ritchie’s head when he put Madonna in a film short as a movie star abused by her driver, and then starred her in 'Swept Away,' as a wealthy woman abused by one of her servants.

Madonna entered her marriage to Ritchie fully committed. To such an extent that photos of the wedding were never made public. Her nuptials were not grist for the PR mill. Madonna’s two 'I do’s' - to Sean and then to Ritchie were absolutely sincere. That Catholic girl from Michigan always lurks beneath the 'outrageous' star.

I don’t think Madonna regrets her marriage to Penn. They have remained friends. I believe she regrets most of her marriage to Ritchie, except for their son, Rocco.

Good luck with all this, honey. You are a good girl.


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Ursula Fugger

Madonna and Guy made choices.At 15, Rocco is allowed to do that, as well. May just be that he needs to have dad as primary caregiver right now. At 15, adolescents are usually allowed to choose. Big world out there, and important to allow this young guy his options. Mum and dad don't have to agree individually, truly their job it to pull it together so that Rocco is afforded a sane conversation on his next steps in life.


Wow those words got me emotional.... that situation with her son moves me in a particular way, since what the world and the medias seem to blame Madonna for is precisely what I lacked in my education. Dont get me wrong, my parents were very good christian folks, but as far as discipline and motivation are concerned, these things didn't exist in my house... and though I had a passion for knowledge which made me good at school, I was constantly suffering from my lack of organization and discipline.
I never really dreamt of having uptight and strict parents, because they usually weren't a lot of fun... and Madonna seems to reconcile both things as a mother : she seems to be able to maintain a sense of discipline with her kids, yet she seems to be so much fun. She jokes all the time, she can be goofy, she encourages their creativity and self-growth and they could talk about anything with her.
Growing in a boring little town very far from where things happen like Madonna, I remember going to Disneyland in the cheapest hotel as one of the most important event in my teenage years, so I won't talk about how crazy it sounds to me that Rocco complains about touring the world in luxury hotels with a bunch of super talented people and his superstar mother.
I love Mrs Smith's words because she describes the Madonna I love : complex, multi-faceted, honest, desperately romantic and still very rooted in traditional values. "That Catholic girl from Michigan always lurks beneath the 'outrageous' star." I keep telling that to people, and all I get is "Yeah, right..."
I understand that Rocco is a teenage boy now, and he probably needs his father more than ever. I understand that some things Madonna does might be embarrassing to him, but as a whole, she has so much more qualities than flaws... Im pretty sure he will see it one day. She doesn't deserve that pain... and though I rarely talk about celebs private life as I just did, I really feel for her.


Rocco is the age to decide if he does not want to grow up living his life on his mom's tours and needs some regular time with his dad.
Don't fret Madonna, we all need some space!


Why did Guy put Madonna in Swept Away? She DEMANDED it!

it is often said that the abject failure and critical mauling of the film, along with Guy's (alleged) "lack of attention" towards Madonna after her riding accident in the UK, were key factors in the breakdown of their marriage,


Good article but feels like it's not complete....

Rabbit Bunny

To paraphrase her friend Elton, Madonna is a woman with a good heart!


As always, Mrs. Smith....very well written and on point!!!

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