Drowned World / Substitute For Love in London
Madonna: 'Whats it all about Selfie?'


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Lucky lucky you Gary. I have seen the Drowned World tour, Reinvention Tour (both nights it was in town), Sticky and Sweet tour, and MDNA tour and the Reinvention Tour has been my favorite although I loved all of them. I am getting so psyched about seeing the Rebel Heart tour next month. I have read all of the reviews and looked at photos of the tour but I have not watched any video because I want that experience in person. From everything I have read this tour sounds like it may become my favorite M tour. I didn't see the Confessions tour because it didn't come to Atlanta due to the fact the arena was not available when she needed it. I was truley sad not being able tosee that one.


Oh my gosh, that wedding bouquet video was adorable. I love M's sense of humor. How nice that she is reaching out to fans like that at her concert.....guarantee Rachel will never forget that till the day she dies. I was in the right Pit during M's Reinvention tour in Vegas (won an MTV contest and had 2 days to plan trip) and M was so nice because she seemed to really want to make the people in the pit feel special. She made sure to look at each person in the eyes and she slapped my high five hand on the way by and winked during Holiday. Something I will never forget. The funny thing was that after the concert was over people waited for the pit people to come out and I had about a dozen people ask me if they could touch me because they saw M slap my hand. Strange. Don't think I could ever be a celebrity because I was a bit embarrased at that attention and some of the people did a bit more than touch. LOL

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