Rebel Heart Tour Second Night in London Videos
Rebel Heart Tour Videos: 'Secret' and 'Don't Tell Me'


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I totally agree Jeff! I thought the same and thankfully you put it out there! RH is a truly amazing area! Going from the dark and aggressive MDNA (which I also loved) to the bright, enlightening and intellectual place of RH! God bless our Queen!


I went to the tour in Philly and it was awesome. People aren't happy anymore unless they are complaining, so maybe the lack of overall comments is a good thing for a change. :)

You will love the concert. I truly don't know how she does this on a nightly basis for 2+ hours. It exhausts me watching! I'm not sure she's really human sometimes.


I agree with you Jeffrey. Seems like people only want to comment when they have something to bitch about! I'm loving the RH era. Can't wait for San Antonio!


Love this selfie. I have to ask where are all the fans? As well as this tour is doing and all of the most excellent reviews where is everybody? Is it that people only want to complain about this and that? I remember so many people bitching about the last tour, she's coming on 2 hours late, the setlist sucks, the album sucks, the tour is too violent blah blah blah. She is getting high praise for this tour, the setlist is great, she sounds great and she is having fun and it shows. I happen to think Rebel Heart is one of her best albums. It comes in a close second to Ray of Light for me. Where is the love people? I am eagerly awaiting the Atlanta show, only a month away now! I'm getting excited and I just can't hide it!

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